I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)


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Having said in TAW (#58173) we should have a "self help group" for those of us with a serious workshop tool coveting habit I thought I'd start this thread.

My workshop may only be 15 feet square but it doesn't mean I don't hanker after:

A much bigger press
A box and pan brake
A rolling press
A bigger plasma cutter
More 3/4" drive sockets
1" drive sockets
An induction heater
Etc, etc.

There, I've admitted what @Mrs Holwell had said for years, I'm a tool addict. :D

Does anyone else share my secret? What tools are on your wish list? :)


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A lathe ......but im not sure i would use it a great deal....
More likely to be a decent Tig welding set ...as i want to learn how...
I have a retired self-employed agricultural engineer neighbor with an excellent workshop I can borrow in emergency including such delights as a large lathe, milling machine, bed grinder, MT4 geared industrial drill, blast cabinet etc. Without this my addiction would threaten bankruptcy :eek:

Dave W

This weeks stunning acquisition

Dave W

My current stock list.
Colchester lathe
Startrite mt3 pillar drill
600A mig welder
Welding bench with 1" thick solid plate top.
50ton press
Sheet steel roller
Steel bandsaw
3 ton lifting gantry
Trolley jack that creeps down on its own (handy for lining gearboxes up)
Propane bottles

Wish list
Not sure really.
Fancy a plasma cutter but not sure I'd use it much.
Ditto bigger radial arm drill.

Little bandsaw could do with being bigger but it's portable and wheels away into corner. A bigger one would take up too much space

Dave W

Oh that takes me back to Saturday's of my youth, getting the job of stripping old tyres off scrap rims, wire sticking out of the rubber, that really eggy smelly air, black wet muck, earning £10 a day, I was on top of the world!
For 2 days wages you could've bought that tyre changer!

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