Innovation Showcase – Back to the future


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Download PDF Advances in technology are changing the way food is produced across the globe. CPM seeks advice from the experts on what to consider before investing, as well as taking a look at some of the latest innovation on the market. Having access to this type of innovation now has scope to bring value to a business. By Charlotte Cunningham When we look back to the days where a plough was operated with a horse, it’s remarkable to see just how far innovation has progressed. In recent time, a big part of this has been down to the advances in precision technology, robotics, and automation. And while not all are convinced about the benefits, the importance of this area, in this new generation of agriculture, is certainly increasing, says Michael Haverty, senior research consultant at The Andersons Centre. “When we previously examined in detail the adoption of precision technology (across all sectors) back in 2017, the uptake of soil mapping for instance was sitting at around 25% – up from 20% in 2012. In 2019, the overall adoption in England is estimated at 29%, though for the cereals sector specifically, this is significantly higher (47%).” Though the technology on…
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New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

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New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

Written by Defra Press Office

A wide river is in view in a valley in the background, a drystone wall is behind the river, and large, green trees are prominent in the scene.

The Rivers Trust has today launched its State of Our Rivers report aiming to allow the English public understand and explore the health of their rivers on a national and local scale.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow and Environment Agency Director John Leyland attended the launch panel to discuss the ways in which the...