Is a ‘stop-start’ fuel saver needed on a telehandler?

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    Manitou was awarded two Bronze Medals at a special SIMA Awards ceremony in Paris on November 22, in the run-up to next year’s SIMA show.

    One was for its so-called Eco Stop function, available on the MLT range of agricultural machines. A second concerned a solution for recycling end-of-life Manitou equipment.


    The principle underpinning the Eco Stop function is simple: The engine shuts off automatically when idling and when the driver is out of the cabin.

    Configurable from one to 30 minutes of inactivity, this function has been designed for “all farming applications”.

    “Based on 15%, for one machine used for 1,000 hours per year over 36 months, the Eco Stop function will enable the purchaser to save €4,500,” explained Arnaud Sochas, Manitou Group’s agricultural product line manager.

    In other Manitou news, the wider group – which encompasses not only the Manitou brand but others (including Gehl and Mustang) – unveiled a new R&D (Research & Development) test centre in Ancenis, France, earlier this year.

    It will apparently improve the group’s ability to “perform endurance and durability tests on its products”. In other words, the new test centre (pictured below) has been built to “assess the endurance capabilities of the company’s new prototype machines”.


    The facility was completed in January (2018). It represents an investment of €1.5 million and includes a special machine driving circuit.

    16 employees are based there; they specialise in “driving and test bench maintenance”; their aim is to ultimately “increase the products’ robustness”.

    Jean-Yves Auge, R&D director at Manitou Group, explained: “By automating the various test phases, we are able to accelerate the evaluations on our machines to provide our users with ever more reliability.

    “This is about certifying the capacity and endurance of all our ranges and our future products. We are fully involved in continuous improvement.”

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  2. Hampton

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  3. If it's anything like my Manipoo, after you've spent 3/4 hour getting it don't want to switch it off again........:D
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  4. connor454545

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    Just another thing to break and cost thousands to repair.
  5. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Agreed. Utterly pointless. Only place I can see a use is on a building site. They always leave machines idling.

    Likelihood is they’d just fix the seat sensor or such so it never registered the operator out of the seat.

    No owner operator would leave a machine idling for 30mins on a regular basis!

    I’m curious what they base the £4500 figure on. Depreciation?

    Seems strange how they work it out based on 1000hrs a year...but then bump it up by saying the saving is based on 36mths use!
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  6. Peaceagri

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    I like the concept, I never do understand why people leave their engines idling for long periods. The biggest thing is those idling hours are expensive hours, since depreciation and resale value are partly tied to engine hours on the meter.
  7. Happy

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    Needed about as much as an electric window:rolleyes:
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  8. Andrew1983

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    Black Isle
    Id like a system that keeps the engine running for as long as takes to reach a safe temp for shut down. I hate seeing our foklifts getting worked hard then when the jobs done they just shut of the key and jump out.... had diggers in recently and they have a shut down on them, not sure if its just an eco timer or a temperature shut down.
  9. W.T.F are they getting desperate to think up new ways to pee people off
  10. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    It will malfunction and switch it off in the town centre in a traffic jam , as happened to me in a merlo
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  11. ridger

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    They will probably leave it set up like a lorry in that it will stay running if handbrake is off. Then the stupid lorry runs away and you have to try and jump back on
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  12. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    When turbos started appearing on tractors here we were showed how to use the engines. Not exceeding 1000 rpm for the first start up and run for two minutes at 1500 rpm with no load before shut down, this must all be forgotten
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