Is he mad?

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  1. Because i like being able to do a big feed up and have the next day to do other things.. if i go for a night out i can stay in bed until 10 if i need to haah and can easily book hollidays as long as i plan around them oooh and early finishes just because i want to why would i want to be stuck milking cows ?!
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    North Wilts
    Or the same could happen that happened when the deep mines closed 30 years ago - the coal came from abroad instead with no-one outside the mining industry being any the wiser that their electricity was now being generated by coal from Russia, Colombia and USA.

    Everyone keeps on going on about these mythical food crises - either caused by the Chinese all having too many babies, or some sort of animal/plant disease catastrophe, or global terrorism etc etc. But we haven't ever had one. Not even a little one, or a regionalised food crisis. The worst that can be pointed to as evidence is when wheat prices went to £200/tonne (mainly caused by environmentalists demanding food be turned into fuel) and there were bread riots in the Middle East. And within a year or so prices were back down to where they started, or lower.

    All my life I've been promised that food prices will soon be taking off to the skies and farmers will make out like bandits. Well I'm 45 going on 46, and its not happened yet. And if the globalisation of world trade over the last 30 years is anything to go by, it isn't going to happen either.
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    Scottish Borders.
    rent wages debts, run round like a headless chicken to keep some Muppet in a job, na.
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    His job is about 200 miles from the farm.
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    East Yorkshire
    As a hatter.
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  6. I'll take the 60K thanks.
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    So what do people reckon he could earn out of 130 cows on a rented farm buying in all replacements?
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    Well I can't think of anything worse than staying in bed till 10 am
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  10. After a night out its needed haha
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    Scottish Borders.
    But no time ever to enjoy it, stuck down a hole half your life getting shat and pee'd on not to mention been kicked.
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    And feel crap all day, no thanks
  13. Bet your fun at partys
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  15. Also of not a small matter is his pension provision.

    If he is earning 60K now he will presumably be getting a very generous pension provision. By the time he retires his fund potentially could be very nice thank you, maybe he could even retire at 55 or something.

    A tenanted farmer will have all his capital in the cows and whatever machinery he has, without the get out of jail card of increase land values for the next 30 years.

    Personally I think the guy is nuts. Work 5 days a week and then join the TA or something or do hookers and coke to feel better about life.

    If I had been earning that kind of money at that age you would not see me for dust I'd be too busy driving stupid cars, going on mental holidays, sailing and chasing as much high end tail as my Gucci boxers could handle.
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  16. Seriously, if it would be any help, I'd be happy to speak to the chap. I personally think he would be making an insane mistake. Another 15 years and he will have kids and a wife, doing 100 hours a week ain't so hot when you have them to think about.


    When I was in my 20's I thought I was the bees knees as well, earning all this money working all the hours being sat in a small glass box with a steering wheel. I can distinctly remember friends ringing me up asking if I was going to the beach with them on Saturday one summer to which I replied I could not as I was working all weekend.
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  17. Get the best quality hookers and coke with that kind of money to haha
  18. If you can't enjoy life at 20 with a 60K salary there is something very wrong!
  19. Steakeater

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    I don't think he has much money left over after his rent etc. He lives in the South East of England just outside London!
  20. Steakeater

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    What about sticking a few robots in or just milking once a day? Would that be a better option?
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