Is this lamb getting the right milk?

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    We call them horseshoe lambs here, and starvation is usually the cause of them looking like the OP's lamb. As said get something in his belly.
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    I believe in careful use of antibiotics but I also believe in saving every 90 quid lamb rather than paying the knackery to take away another lamb that adds to the sometimes shocking statistics on lamb losses. Humanity dictates we do our best, if you can't do your best for each and every animal in your care you have too many or shouldn't be in this game. Farming is under closer scrutiny than ever and has tighter margins. One demands a duty of care and the other relies on it.
    If you called the vet do you think he would say 'sorry, waste of a'b's' or shoot it full of them? If the vet would do it so would I.
    There is nothing written above to say it shouldn't be culled if/when it reaches a market suitable size.
    If it dies tomorrow you get to go to sleep knowing you tried your best, not knowing that you failed that lamb.
    Edit, and I said if there were no other obvious problems.

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