Italian rye grass

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    I got my fingers burnt last year dd'ing a 20acre field. It was drilled in late May but along came the drought and not one seed germanated. I plan on trying again this year with a simtech. My question is do I go earlier this year ( this week) or hold off until no frost is more certain but risk dry weather again. North wales about 650' above see level.
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    Personally I'd wait till autumn. Unless it's under sown
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  3. I don't see why it wouldn't work this spring unless we get a dry time. Some autumns are pretty dry.

    Are you 100% certain there is some tilth/loose soil to surround the seed in the path the drill creates? If there is no soil:seed contact emergence will be pretty uneven.
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    I'm pleased with the condition of the soil.
  5. If he is using a sim tech (baker boot drill) it doesn’t rely on the soil covering the seed - the seed lies in the bottom of the slot where it gets moisture from below. The relative warm and humid conditions in the slot result in a very fast and high percentage germination.
  6. What would frost do to Italian seedlings anyway?
    There's no guarantee this summer will be as dry anyway so it might not matter when you drill it.
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    Ysbyty Ifan
    Soil needs to be at about 8 °C in sowing zone to get it to grow .old-fashioned wester wold can grow away at about 5°C.
    ( flaiming auto correct )


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