Just found this advertised. Any idea what's it all about. ?

What is Land Justice? Saturday the 15th Feb, Bristol – the next big Land Justice Network event (& the first in the South West!)

Join the new South West Land Justice group in Bristol next month for a day of exploring what land justice means across different issues, followed by an evening of storytelling and music. Saturday 15th Feb, Trinity Centre Bristol. 9.30am – 11pm.

The line-up includes:
Daytime ticket (£5): 9.30am – 5.30pm

Recent history of land justice movement in England with Indra Donfrancesco from Earth First!
Right to Roam campaign planning with Nick Hayes – Illustrator and author of ‘The Spellbound Land: Trespassing the lines that divide us all’. Nick’s beautiful prints will be for sale with funds going to the Land Justice Network.
Identity and Spiritual Stewardship: Diasporic and Decolonnial Perspectives on Belonging and the Land with Gentle/Radical, Samson Hart & Rabab Ghazoul
Analysis of Land and housing economics with Beth Stratford, political economist and New Economics Foundation fellow.
Themed discussions with experts and practitioners on: housing; food and fibre; community buildings and public space; transport and energy infrastructure, including the incredible Project Skyline, Fibreshed, Hempen, Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, Landworkers Alliance, Tiny House Community Bristol, Zero West, ACORN and others.
Working towards a People’s Land Policy – with the Land Justice Network
Ideas and planning for what next for the land justice movement in Britain, the South West and in our own lives and work.
Land Rights songs workshop with the Island Folk Choir

Evening (£5 or £10) 7.30-11.30pm



I wouldn't get too het up. Within the environmental movement there are 'diggers' and 'dreamers'; this will fall into the latter.

melted welly

Sounds like a load of old stroke, usual middle class academic suspects moaning and talking about perceived inequalities. It’s a “Non hierarchical collection of groups”, presumably of folk with a fair bit of time on their hands.

Sat next to one once at some nfus event discussing land ownership in Scotland. Could spot him a mile off, beret, scarf, thin moustache, berghaus coat and slack corduroy trousers. Didn’t engage in conversation and scuttled off out the door the second it finished.

What could possibly be wrong about the redistribution of land to worthy recipients 🤔 worked for Mugabe after all.........oh..........er.......... hang on a minute.


Bury St Edmunds
Well I agree, there is great inequality in land ownership, and I think it should all be distributed equally between everyone in the UK
it worked really well in Russia under Lenin where the great old landed estates were split up in egalitarian ways so the peasants could for the first time in their lives have a fair income.
sadly the peasants got so rich, Stalin realised they were the real villains and needed exterminating.
However I am certain that this would never happen in the UK and I will have to settle for my little plot. ;)


Arable Farmer
It’s just a bunch of ‘crusty jugglers’, too 'woke' to realise that their families sold whatever rights they had to land generations ago, so that they could leave rural drudgery behind and move to the fast developing industrial towns.
Now they want a second bite at the cherry by pretending ‘their land’ was ‘stolen’ 🙄
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There is an argument that it is not very fair that Landowners can sell a plot of building land for £100,000 just for a single but modest house, when thousands of young working folk haven't a hope of either owning one or renting one at an affordable price.

Just saying.

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