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  1. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    Now that I'm fully retired, I want to have a clear out, Mrs LS wants an extra filing cabinet drawer.

    I know that for HMRC, I should keep it for the previous 6 years, but what about SPS, BPS, NVZ and Cross Compliance? I rang the Defra helpline and was told 10 years, but I can't imagine that's right.
  2. Lili

    Lili Member

    If in doubt keep it. Have you still got the farm/ground? Other option would be to scan it and save on computer/memory stick if you've got time. Enjoy your retirement.
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  3. Netherfield

    Netherfield Member

    West Yorkshire
    10 years! , oh feck
  4. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    QUOTE="Lili, post: 5662670, member: 60908"]Have you still got the farm/ground?[/QUOTE]

    No, I surrendered my tenancy in September 2017.
  5. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    If you want to prove something keep it.
    Otherwise they got to prove it.
    Like said stick on cloud if you get time ?
  6. curlietailz

    curlietailz Member

    I still have my grandads ledgers from 1920,s onwards !!!
    Keep everything here
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  7. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    The agent who sold my entitlements for me has told me 6 years, so that's what I'll do.
  8. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    I had a clear out yesterday of farmers weeklys 2004 - 2008! Many of the front page pictures and headlines could easily have been written today! But joy of joys I also stumbled across my Arsenal vs Liverpool 1979 Charity Shield programme that somehow had become lodged in same pile of papers.
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  9. Goweresque

    Goweresque Member

    North Wilts
    I heard a nasty story the other day, someone being sued by a former employee from over 20 years ago for a long term health issue, and they (the employer) can't find a record of who the employers liability insurer was that far back, and they're on the hook for hundreds of thousands.

    So the lesson is: keep your insurance documentation, forever!!!!
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  10. MissSteak

    MissSteak Member

    Interesting info. I'd have assumed that if you were defending a claim it would be via your current insurance and not related to a past policy.
  11. chipchap

    chipchap Member

    South Shropshire
  12. farmerm

    farmerm Member

    If you no longer farm and no longer employ you would no longer have current employer liability insurance..
  13. matthew

    matthew Member

    I'm currently having to dig back to 1985 - 1990 onwards for costs of a barn conversion. Fortunately, the docs were not in the attic providing a cosy nest for ancient mice.

    For any Tax query, CGT, IHT or proof, keep everything safe.

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