Land rental rates

Hi! Some advice needed please. I’m in negotiations with a land agent regarding a 2 acre plot in Hertfordshire, intending to set up a small, off grid glamping site. He’s not giving me any idea of rent & wants me to suggest a figure. Can anyone suggest What might be reasonable?!
I know that grazing land with a structure is approx £400pa - so I’m guessing it needs to be more than that?!
May help gratefully received.


Not too low they think you are joking. Be prepared for the standard land agent disappointed face - they teach it at school. It's called the "someone shat in my mouth look", a bit like someone has just shot them with a crossbow. They then sigh and say something like "were not quite there, yet".

Three years at Harper to hone those skills, and the module on "mustard cords or salmon chinos".


Don't imagine it will be anything like the grass rental value.
He'll be working back from your potential gross...or he isn't doing his job!
One thing no one has mentioned ....
Anyone running any sort of site has to take into account the possibility of either shutdown or even lockdown with corona virus
Whatever you do get something in writing from professional body
1000 per acre could swing him if he’s not to fussed but if he’s switched on he’ll be wanting more , it’s only fair really I imagine it’s a nice site with good access and a view / just working all In to your figures and spread the cost. No ones going to sell 2 acres for an average price they will want big money so just be fair and maintain a good relationship with the landowner I’d say


I agreed to rent out a piece of yard the size of a car parking space for a 4 figure sum recently....the interested party was right in his thinking that any less than four figures and it just isn’t worth the owner being interested.

For 2ac of field I’d be expecting to pay £2k a year minimum. As above, horse paddocks would be somewhere about £1k/ac potential income. Horses can be grief but dealing with one horse owner is different than potentially having all and sundry about the place.

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