1. Chalmers

    New land owner indeed of advice and guidance

    Evening all, my name is Alex and I'm from Suffolk. Last year my father in law passed away and left my wife and brother in law 5.5 acres of land in North devon. We have been down there afew times when the land was officially passed on to my wife and her brother. And have since spend £5000 getting...
  2. Y

    Thoughts on loosing BPS and replacing with ELMS?

    What are people’s thoughts and what are you doing to get ready for the change
  3. W

    Ideas for YFC first meet

    Hi my wife is restarting our local young farmers, and was just looking for ideas for games quizzes and things to get the ball rolling, has to be able to include 12 to 26 years old
  4. D

    Warham Camp, Norfolk

    Warham Camp is an excellent example of an Iron Age fort. Free entry, great place for an educational wander and a picnic. On top of being a scheduled monument, it is also a SSSI specifically due to the tightly grazed chalk grassland and the rare flowers and butterflies that thus thrive. In...
  5. teslacoils

    Any examples of a conversion of grain bins to a house?

    My wife has been watching grand designs. Sigh. Got an old grain store a bit too close to the road and overbearing. It's a central block of ten bins,5*2, with each ten foot square made of crittal. They are quite tall. On each side is essentially a lean-to with a 30*50 challow floor. Original...
  6. Defra Farming

    The farmers who work in Defra

    The farmers who work in Defra Written by Ben Keene Ben Keene (Left) and Brian Longman (Right) Like most workplaces, staff in Defra come from a variety of different backgrounds. Each brings their own unique experiences and specialist skills to deliver public policy. But one area where Defra...
  7. S

    300 acres starting from scratch

    Hello all, Hypothetical question here. What would everyone do if they had a 300 acre greenfield site of grade 3 land? Build a dairy? Go all cereals? Sheep? Location; Northumberland Cheers Steakeater
  8. Fat hen

    Moving a 20ft high Steel bin w/o dismantling??

    Got a few corrugated steel bins (20ft high 60t capacity, I think). Wanting to move them out of a dutch barn a short distance perhaps for glamping. Do you think it is possible to move them without dismantling - say hoisting them up with a long telehandler arm??
  9. Juggler

    Shepherd huts & alternatives

    Looking at the potential for buying a Shepherds hut or similar, what are the alternatives? Can't really get my head around pods, they look small, not keen on the Geo-domes, what else is there out there? Tried bell tents and don't want to go back there...:oops: How many nights do people want to...
  10. M

    You won’t believe this

    My mate runs a beef and sheep farm. One of his neighbours has glamping pods which border my friends farm. Yesterday morning he gets a very irate couple in his yard going mad that his cows have been having s*x in front of their children. Apparently they’d gone mad at the glamping pod site owner...
  11. L

    Renting land for commercial use

    Hi, Looking for some info regarding renting land from a farmer. I have a location in mind where I want to get an x year lease for use as a glamping site. Will need to add road access and electricity/ plumbing/ drainage, as well as the glamping pods. How much will I be looking at per annum for...
  12. Chae1

    Our family farm rescue Ch5

    Maybe a thread already running on this but couldn't find it. Just wondered what other people's thoughts on it were? Personally I found it a difficult watch. Well done to the farmer for putting himself out there on national television. Good luck to him and his family.
  13. Rossymons

    Camping and Planning

    We're planning to start a small glamping site on the farm which sits in an AONB. Needing planning permission for this we were wanting to take some professional advice and wondered if anyone could recommened somebody?
  14. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  15. Bojangles

    Shepherds pay?

    I may have to employ a full time shepherd soonish and was wondering what’s the going rate atm. house with job, needs own good dogs, 6 day week. I think they are usually underpaid?
  16. Farm Business RSS

    Farmers rush to diversify into new businesses to survive after EU subsidies

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business UK farmers are rushing to diversify into new income streams such as renewable energy and tourism as they face the biggest shake-up in agricultural finances for 50 years, research from NFU Mutual has revealed. The leading rural insurer’s annual...
  17. Kettlewell Dales Field

    Planning advice from the agricultural community

    Hi all, new member here. I recently purchased a 1 acre plot of grazing land just outside of a beautiful village in the yorkshire dales with a river at the bottom (kettlewell) I am looking to achieve the following in phase 1 of my project: Add a new gate for my car to access the field from the...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Minister Poots visits Lough Neagh Rescue Service

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Rural Affairs Minister, Edwin Poots, recently visited the Lough Neagh Rescue (LNR) Centre at lands adjacent to Kinnego Marina. The facility, when complete, will allow Lough Neagh Rescue to provide a more enhanced service to the community and will...
  19. Glampitect

    How Much Money do Glamping Businesses Make? Glamping Site Feasibility

    How Much Money do Glamping Businesses Make? Glamping Site Feasibility Glamping Site Feasibility Glamping is a concept that is spreading at a very high rate throughout the UK. With more people than ever before considering starting a glamping business, we thought we would take some time to...
  20. Glampitect

    Glampitect Academy

    Glampitect Academy Glampitect expands UK operation with academy set-up Glampitect, the UK’s No.1 glamping site design consultancy, is expanding its UK operation with an academy offering free advice to people wanting to set up a similar business. The move follows rising demand from around...