Looking for permission to metal detect near Cleckheaton


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Hello, I'm fully insured with the National Council for Metal Detecting and am looking for permission to metal detect in West Yorkshire within around ten to fifteen miles of Cleckheaton in the Spen Valley.

I've already been on many digs with my club, Yorkshire Searchers, and respect their rules on filling in all dug holes, taking away all trash (pop cans etc).

My best find so far - a Spudmatic spud gun (we all had one didn't we?) - it doesn't get any better than that!

Any finds over 300 years old are required to be reported and go through the Treasure Process and I will of course respect this.

I will of course split all finds 50/50 - landowner takes their pick of which one of two bags of finds they would like (it might take a few weeks to have enough to put into bags).

Thank you

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