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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Ds7984, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Ds7984

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    hi I bought a matbro tr250 from East Yorkshire machinery ltd.
    Firstly I'd like to warn anyone who is thinking of buying from them, they advertise on eBay and farmers weekly. They are nothing but cheating, thieving barstewards! They come across a decent people, but all they want is your money. When I got my machine in December 16 a month after paying for it, it came without a headstock and since then they have been promising me one,but they just lie. So I've got trading standards involved and they apparently have a file 2 inches thick on this company!! I'm going to take them to court, so if anyone else has a case, contact me. They need to be put out of business.
    But also I need a headstock,so if anyone can help me with that. Please contact me.
  2. ridger

    ridger Member

    Ah east yorkshire machinery you say :dead:
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  3. @CherryDan might be able to sort a headstock.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope it gets sorted for you
  4. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    So are you saying it just came with a boom and nothing on the end of it?
    I presume it had one when you went to view it?
    Have they given a reason for it not having one?
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  5. ridger

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    I don't think I would have accepted it without a headstock,
  6. ridger

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    @Ds7984 are you not going to reply
  7. Ds7984

    Ds7984 New Member

    I live in the south of England, so I did something I've never done in my life and bought without going to see it. Too busy! They are in Yorkshire. The machine looked tidy in photos without the headstock,they said the headstock and tines was coming with the machine. Said it would come with a warranty, they sound so genuine and I trusted them. Bigger fool me, I know!
  8. Jim B

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    Sorry to hear this, hope you manage to get things sorted to your satisfaction.

    A bit of Googling would tell you all you need to know about said company. Not sure how but I think they are related/linked to QF Tractors, Google them too.

    As for headstocks @ACEngineering and @AlbuttDan might be able to help. There was a chap who traded as "Matbro Man" be worth looking him up too and enquiring. Good luck.
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  9. ACEngineering

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    All you needed to do was google the company and you would have known.
    Good luck with trading standards and putting them out of business many have tried i'm sure but they still keep trading! All part of qf tractors.
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  10. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    I haven't got a headstock. Could get a new one but cost as much as its probably worth! Well best part of anyway.
  11. icanshootwell

    icanshootwell Member

    Hi Dave, what a bunch of tw#ts , there is a pin and cone head stock on ebay i saw the other day, other wise as mentioned, cherry products, but i think there about a grand from them. I would ring around your local dealers 1st, there must be a few kicking around(y)
  12. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    Finding a pin and cone on problem finding one to fit a matbro machine thats not scrap or already attached to a matbro hens teeth.
    Your looking at least £1k to get a cherry conversion headstock but as you dont even have one to start with! Did an Albutt brand new one years ago that was £2500 i think.
    If your good at fabrication you can buy the matbro profiles for the headstock pins then weld them to any second hand matbro back plate you can lay your hands on. But it wouldnt be approved is the only draw back there for un insureable.
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  13. YELROM

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    North Yorkshire
  14. Dman2

    Dman2 Member

    Durham, UK
    So Whats the rest of the machine like
    Have you actually got in value what you paid for?

    I had dealings with the sister co. QF and like you didnt get all that was promised, and would never deal with them or recommend them to anyone

    But at the end of the day I got a tractor that cost me £10000 which I ran for 3 years without to much cost
    Then sold it again for £9000

    But would not recommend anyone goes near them with a bargepole
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  15. Surgery

    Surgery Member

    Have you not got it in writing or on the bill otherwise them showing it without the headstock won't be in your favour , I would get a car full and take a sight seeing trip to Yorkshire if you know what I mean.

    Try putting an advert on here in the classifieds , your never know there might be a burnt out or something similar about , burdens on sheppy etc then take the bill and time taken to court against them.
  16. Dman2

    Dman2 Member

    Durham, UK
    Would think a local engineering firm would knock one up for you
  17. Badshot

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  18. AlbuttDan

    AlbuttDan Member

    Thanks all, sorry to hear OP's issues.

    As mentioned we would be the £2500 region. Might be worth trying this as Jim B mentioned.

  19. james ds

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  20. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    :wideyed: really!

    Hard to see from them pics but to me the tilt compensation link (the link the tilt ram connects to that then pivots in the swan neck of boom then connects to the dog bone link which connects to the headstock)
    This compensation link looks to be damaged? the clevis that connects to the dog bone link that is also missing in the pics looks to be splayed out which is common if the operator does not clean the tilt linkage from time to time.

    Sorry to the OP but looking at the pictures you got exactly what you paid for?:unsure:

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