MF590 brakes sticking/stuck

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by HDAV, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. HDAV

    HDAV Member

    anyone know the likely cause or solution the brakes sticking on an mf590? 4wd muktipower if it matters.....

    Not got much details other than been told it’s “seized on” wondering what the likely issue is these are wet oil emerged brakes so it it likely to be mechanism based? Stuck handbrake link? Or something internal to the back end?
  2. MF-ANDY

    MF-ANDY Member

    s.e cambs
    the connection from pedal to brake is all linkage and pivots so work your way through them. doubt its internal as kike you say they are oil immersed
  3. HDAV

    HDAV Member

    Thanks turned out it wasn’t the brakes but the clutch linkage......

    Now free again been told to “use it more” will investigate and get round with some oil and lube it up......
  4. Bloders

    Bloders Member

    could be where the clutch shaft goes into the bell housing, especially if it has been used in muck,
  5. HDAV

    HDAV Member

    Not muck as such................i’ll have a look honest time im there......
  6. AftonShepherd

    AftonShepherd Member

    Salt water?
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  7. HDAV

    HDAV Member

  8. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Wants constant fettling when they were new, add a bit of saltwater at their age, can someone not show an interest and keep on top of the small jobs for you.
  9. HDAV

    HDAV Member

    Erm that’s me..... I haven’t been down much so will try and give it some grease next week. It’s supposed to be washed down after each use and greased each month but if I don’t do it it doesn’t seem to happen....
  10. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Even a bit of waste engine oil in a washing up bottle, will soak in where the grease cant go.
    Watch for staining on the ground if you squirt it everywhere, a small bit of oil can make a bit stain with heavy rain. So, just wipe the drips off with a rag ............
  11. HDAV

    HDAV Member

    Try to use white spray grease as it doesn’t drip but will try some oil, plenty of engine oil about....
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