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Mixed farm looking at going to strip till

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling General Discussion' started by Tom22890, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. jonnieboy

    jonnieboy Member

    North Yorkshire
    I'm strip tilling and swap most of my straw for muck .
    As said above keep trailers on tramlines where possible and get the straw men to turn round empty and load back towards the gate (this seems to really confuse them ) . The muck I get back is heaped up from now till next harvest and is really well rotted by then so spreaders can apply an even coat and it doesn't block the drill. I'm trying to put a smaller amount on and work on a 3 yr cycle across the farm. Only troubles I have had is with fresh yard muck straight on the field in summer.
    Most of the ground has one pass with a carrier to chit volunteers and to get a bit of tilth especially for osr I have had mixed results with osr but this year was late sowing due to it raining every other day and a big flea beatle population didn't help . I have ploughed some ground before barley this year but that was due to inheriting some bad brome areas and trying to get areas into a new longer rotation and clean up the worst ones meant some fields had to have a hard reset .
    I'm using a dts and one of the best features is when tramlining it doesn't cultivate the tramline so in time they will hold up really well. I'm seeing this benefit already
    Getting the mind set right is your biggest challenge just because the neighbours are out ploughing and combi drilling doesn't mean the drill will go , I've just finished my beans tonight seems a bloody long season but at least I've had value for money out of my 3 month omnistar subscription .
    Rotation will play a big part I'm hoping to keep winter barley in as its a good earner for this farm and a early entry into OSR just not sure about the volunteer numbers but time will tell
  2. eagleye

    eagleye Member

    co down
    agree with all above on strip till, claydon drill here on w barley, wheat and spring barley ( and some maize last year). Muck spread before drilling this autumn in damp conditions with hybrid winter barley into wheat stubble which was lightly disced (horsch joker) then rounduped to kill volunteers before the muck.
    Pre em was easy with the ground travelling well, one field ploughed and phdrilled was difficult to spray as leaving ruts on first attempt, had to leave to soak a bit.
    No OSR to limit slugs and using straw harrow after harvest to spread any straw left after the baler. I thought it was only us had problems getting bales onto trailers that faced the gate before loading!!! same for grain trailers:)

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