Monday's Farmers Forecast: Warm, but very Windy -Heavy Rain later

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    Monday 17-9-18

    Ex-Tropical storm Helene is a vigorous low that will approach Southwest Ireland by late afternoon and move north east across southern Ireland and Northern England as a complex feature. rain will reach SW England in the afternoon, this becoming heavy at times winds increasing over Wales and the west of England. Dry for Central, Southern and Eastern England with spells of sunshine developing. Strengthening south or southeast winds move into SW England and west Wales and areas bordering the Irish Sea during the afternoon and evening expect gusts of 50 to 70 mph . Highs up to 25C/77F towards the southeast.

    More wind and rain at times for the rest of the week with the possibility of a major storm with winds up to 90mph next weekend more on this later

    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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