More low cost RTK receivers

The floodgates apparently opened with the announcement of the u-blox ZED-F9P chip at the end of last year. Now there are ever more low-cost and decently high-spec RTK capable receivers hitting the market.

In addition to the Ardusimple RTK boards and Emlid Reach RS2 we also have the Drotek F9P Sirius RTK GNSS just announced.

Although this receiver is aimed at the drone guidance market this unit could also be adapted to work with precision ag applications.

Another interesting shake up to the market.



It's a shame trimble screens won't accept input from non-trimble recievers for steering.

I did see a thread on another forum about adding a dummy RTCM message to the output from a non timble base station so it could be used by a trimble reciver. But I haven't seen anything like that for using alternative recievers on the tractor.


you can do it with existing cheap GPS modules (ublox neo-6), you only need a base station running off your own home system (with something like EoS server - so you can use a simple waterproof GPS USB reciever and say a 10meter USB exsenstion cable to get it on your roof), if your lucky your in range 14 - 20km? of a permanent station: saves having to do it.

It doesn't have to be expensive. Then with your laptop in your cab using AgOpenGps, data connection perhaps via your mobile or a LoRa connection then another neo-6 you can synchronize with your base station to produce your own RTK from next to nothing.

The new ubox chips are nice because its done on the hardware but still pricey (comparatively speaking). What is MORE of a problem is getting a display bright enough to use in a cab. I'm waiting for the new generation of E-Ink's (like a kindle) with quicker refresh rates. This one is 6 seconds which is probably quick enough -

What I want to do myself is use something like a Raspberry Pi4, see if AgOpenGps will run with Wine, then couple that with a waveshare screen which would be a really compact system.
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