New Beef Shed build (Slatted Tank)

Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by gilroy, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. gilroy

    gilroy Member

    Hi all,

    Planning to build a new beef shed this summer. I need it to hold around 200 / 250 head of cattle.
    With a slatted tank in the centre 160ft long and width of 20ft and two feed bays either side of the tank.

    Is this big enough to hold 40 cattle per pen, so around 6 pens is required.

    Can you let me know price of tank and shed erected.
  2. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    yet another one no location you could be anywhere very difficult for anyone to give you a price ,but as its a slatted tank i would guess you are in Scotland or Ireland
  3. gilroy

    gilroy Member

    Im based in Ireland, can you help with my question.
  4. bigw

    bigw Member

    Slatted sheds with a suspended passage down the middle with a row of slats at either side would hold about 1 animal per foot. Cost for that would be in the roughly in the region of £1200/ft, don't know what the price would be in Ireland though. I think it has been discussed on here so you may get more accurate prices if you can find it.
  5. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    do you mean a tank under the centre feed passage down the middle of the shed thats how i read your post
  6. gilroy

    gilroy Member

    Feed passages will be on either side of the tank. So basically one big tank in the middle. Cattle can feed on both sides. So any idea of what the cost would be for a tank to hold 240 cattle.

    Steel structure and tank hopefully put up for €60k all in.
  7. jamesy

    jamesy Member

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  8. jamesy

    jamesy Member

    Foster calf size cattle circa 15ft2/head, fattening 19ft2/head, dry sucklers 25ft2/head as a rough guide
  9. gilroy

    gilroy Member

    Ok has anybody built a large tank 160ft long and width of 20ft or more, if so can you post images and rough prices.
  10. Jonny B88

    Jonny B88 Member

    ballykelly. NI
    Look up the teagasc website in ROI. They have a building cost estimator. It may give you an idea. Im estimating costs at the moment and im using £85-£90m3 for tanks.
  11. concrete agri

    concrete agri Member

    How deep is the tank?
    Roughly priced about 7000 to shutter it
    you supply steal and concrete
    were abouts are you
  12. cozzie

    cozzie Member

    Munster, Ireland
    your dreaming at €60k, double at least. €500 a head would be cheap. I have a shed as you describe but birds are causing me serious problems and probably would go with that design again.

    You haven't a hope of fitting 250 cattle in 160ft of a shed with only a tank of 20ft. I have a 110*50 ft fully slatted tank here under a similar shed and would be wedged solid at 200, 600kg cattle. You need 25 - 30sq feet for large animals lying on slats
  13. Sheep

    Sheep Member

    Northern Ireland
  14. Davy_g

    Davy_g Member

    Co Down
    65 X 35. Tank and slats 35k. ImageUploadedByThe Farming Forum1456600838.291068.jpg
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  15. concrete agri

    concrete agri Member

    How deep you looking to go
  16. P.O.T

    P.O.T Member

    We had quotes of £30000ish for 70ft x 20ft x 7ft tank and slats
  17. concrete agri

    concrete agri Member

    Right much is concrete wit you
  18. ridger

    ridger Member

    I'd have thought about half that, I done one this year, 70 x 13 x 8 tank and slats was 13000 euro
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  19. concrete agri

    concrete agri Member

    That's cause concrete is cheaper here lol
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  20. P.O.T

    P.O.T Member

    Load of ready mix is about £600 for 8 cube. Only about half mile from quarry too. This was the quote we got from 3 different companies. Wish it was half the price!

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