New Crop Protection Product Formulation of Azoxystrobin in the UK

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    Always interesting to see something new come to the market. Here is the information we received.

    Agform launches a new nanotechnology formulation of azoxystrobin in the UK

    Oxe®, the first commercial nanotechnology version of azoxystrobin in the world, is to be launched through selected distributors in the UK. Developed over four years at Agform’s nanotechnology research centre, in Wickham, Hampshire, the product is set to bring significant benefits to growers in terms of disease control and yield.

    During the 2015-2016 spring/summer seasons, Agform carried out a series of cereal foliar disease trials, comparing Oxe® with Amistar® (a standard 250g/l azoxystrobin SC). Over 24 field trials across the central and southern registration zones and Maritime and Mediterranean EPPO climatic zones were carried out against the key target disease of wheat (Septoria tritici).

    Due to an extensive drought, levels of Septoria tritici in the north of Europe were low and thus limited efficacy data was obtained. In contrast, in the Mediterranean trials, high levels of the target diseases were recorded, which enabled good data to be obtained. In most of the trials, Oxe® performed well and at 125 gai/ha (½ N) provided more effective Septoria tritici control than Amistar® at 250 gai/ha (N). Even at only 94 gai/ha, Oxe® has often matched the recommended rate of Amistar® for disease control (Table 1 below).


    An additional benefit of the technology to growers, was a boost in crop yield, demonstrated in small plot trials in the UK in 2018, where the crops treated with Oxe®, were taken to yield. An example using the product on winter sown oil seed rape, is provided in Tables 2 and 3 below:



    Another example of the unique yield and grain quality boosting properties of Oxe®, on winter barley, is provided in Tables 4 and 5 below:



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  2. Interesting trials on septoria, will this be a label claim?
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    @AgformTechnical would be the one to answer the questions @cricketandcrops

    There are however 3 links on their website I saw when researching:

    Oxe Label
    Oxe Benefits
    Oxe SDS

    Oxe adverts have been running for the last month on TFF.
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  4. good to see a company advancing with formulations and “selling” the benefits of such formulations rather than just saying “we are cheaper”
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  5. Do they have the same strains of septoria to the uk
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    Az was always hard to formulate. It originally came from a fungus living on tree trunks in Borneo that excluded other fungi. Getting that into a can that is stable in varying temperatures and stays active wasn’t easy.
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    Agform are a uk company and manufacture / formulate in the uk as well like a lot of generic manufacturers do
  8. Trials in a different country are not always transferable

    In Ireland septoria strains are more susceptible to different fungicides than England
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  9. In developing Oxe®, our patented formulation of azoxystrobin, Agform carried out two years of field trials in Europe to compare its efficacy against a number of fungal diseases and effect on crop yield. I attach a more detailed detailed presentation for those that are interested, including 15 sites in the UK.

    Following the independent trials carried out by Syntech, throughout the EU, their conclusions were that in 2015, overall, Oxe® at 94 gai/ha provided similar control to Amistar ®/Ortiva® at 250 g/ha against SEPTTR & PYRNTE and in 2016, 125 gai/ha of Oxe® was required to consistently match the disease control seen from Amistar ® / Ortiva ® at 250 g/ha against SEPTTR & PYRNTE.

    The yields obtained in the grower trials on oil seed rape and barley in the UK, have reinforced our theory that our TransCel® technology has improved the bioavailability of azoxystrobin and could provide a real benefit to UK growers, when compared to conventional formulations. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website,

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    I thought septoria resistance to strobs wasn’t due to bioavailability etc but more it’s single site activity. It was very sudden, like target site resistance rather than enhances metabolism. The resistance hasn’t really occurred at all with the rusts

    A med strain of septoria would be with lower general crop humidities I’d have thought?
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    Last time we had high s.tritici pressure, we recorded control of it with azoxystrobin over several sites and it averaged 7% control. If this new formulation matches that, all well and good.

    (S.tritici isn't on the Oxe label, anyway).

    Not trying top dismiss this, the science is fascinating, but this doesn't seem to be an answer to strob resistance in septoria.
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  12. I was going to say, will make as much difference as a load of pee in a bucket, that ship sailed years ago.

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