New Massey Ferguson 5S

MF 4270

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On Dec 21 the new 5S will be launched. A new era ...? Does anyone know if for this model the Dyna VT will be available and when? Most competitors have in this power range a CVT option available as Case, NH, John Deere, Fendt, Steyr, Deutz Fahr, ...


This I assume?


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What would be the benefits of a Vario in this size of a tractor. Surely most sold will end up on a stock farm

Well Personally if it's one of the options then someone like me who uses it for all our loader work, spraying, raking, fertiliser it would be great for those jobs. I have a 5713 could've got a vario in a 6713 (I think) but it's too big physically for me.


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Looks ancient already. Massey just can’t seem to get their design right. In my eyes anyways.
ha ha that tickles me coming from a new holland man how old is that style :oops:

been brutal NH design still looks poor too, never 'grown' on me,

different strokes for different folks i guess, i think new 8 series is super swish and model before it too, only one im not a fan of is round head light model from 2008 ish with rounded front grille.

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