New ProSeries opener for John Deere 750A drill

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  1. Big-Al

    Big-Al Member

    Rugby Warwickshire
    Anyone ordered a new drill JD 750A with pro series openers and if so have you got it yet,
    just wondered if there are many about this spring or not delivered yet. pics anyone
  2. Louis Mc

    Louis Mc Member

    Meath, Ireland
    There’s a 6m down in cork ready to roll
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  3. AF Salers

    AF Salers Member

    York, UK
    @Big Al I know of a 4m ready to go to work near Brigg, Linc's, it's just waiting for the weather to improve.
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  4. RFR

    RFR Member

    Who's is that?
  5. Jd sell a kit with all the new parts to upgrade each unit to do a 6m drill is about NZ$17000 .
  6. marco

    marco Member

    tipperary, ireland
    have you a link or part number?
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  7. AA98693 is the kit for 2 openers 1 left 1 right , AA97392 is the kit for 8 openers 4 left 4 right.
  8. marco

    marco Member

    tipperary, ireland
  9. RFR

    RFR Member

  10. Shipping from the USA is not cheap. Its really dear in fact.

    Needham Ag will send you anything you ask for for the drills from the States but air freight is a killer
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  11. They have a farmer agent here in Australia. They get a container sent over once a year , if you want anything, you have to pre order it.

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