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    Last night I dreamt I was at some sort of gathering with two brothers that I know, but who have seriously fallen out with one another. One of the brothers turns to me and asks me if I'll do some contracting work for him that I'd rather not do anyway. The other brother glares at me. Before I try to wriggle out of this dilemma, I wake up. I think your brain processes and files stuff while you sleep. I would never have imagined such a scenario in real life.

    If I sleep on my back I dream (and snore) a lot more. Sometimes I can hear the Mrs snoring in my dreams, but don't wake up.
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  2. I used to have a fairly recurring nightmare/dream where I was aware of falling off a cliff, and you can see the ground rushing up to meet you, and I'd feel myself bracing for the impact and it would stop just short of whacking into the ground at full tilt. Then it was start again... :ROFLMAO: Haven't had it in a fair while, more common in my teens I think.

    The other one was the odd one about failing University due to forgetting to complete one piece of coursework...Haven't had that for a while either but used to wake up in my early twenties with it.
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    I dreamt last night that my old boss in my previous job asked me into his office and told me to make a list of all the projects I'd worked on during the last year. I couldn't remember any, so it looked like I'd done nothing for a year and I felt stupid and inferior. Old job finished about 20 years ago and I woke up realising I have forgotten the names of most of the projects I worked on, probably because a lot of the names were Chinese and difficult to remember. I do remember working on Little Barford Power Station. It was my first proper job, etched on my mind. The only part of it I had sole responsibility for was the diesel fuel supply system which comprised a 1500 ton tank which lasted the two gas turbines a day, the forwarding pumps and the instrumentation and control of that system. My only other involvement in that project was boiler water level control and customer dispute resolution. I sometimes glance at it as I drive down the A1 to see if it's still there.
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    Sorry to hear @waterbuffalofarmer

    Is it normal not to/rarely dream or certainly not remember in the morning?

    Had some nasty ones when growing up off from school mum was working, dad was out working so gran was watching me. I dreamt the army were holding up my family and were shooting them so I jumped out my bedroom window onto the flat roof of our porch (in my pj's bare feet!) onto the lawn and ran to the bottom of the garden 100 yards away. Another time thought the house was on fire can't recall if i jumped out the house or not!:unsure::shy::wacky:

    Wife not every night but occasionally will wake me up as she's grinding her teeth or clattering them together.:eek:
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    I suffer sleep paralysis regularly. It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I am 100% sure that people who think they have been possessed by a demon have in fact had sleep paralysis. It does feel like being possessed by something and is so vivid. I have seen people behind the curtains in my room, been strangled (to the point where I have woken up choking) been pinned down, covers pulled off, hallucinated......I could write a horror book about the experiences. And its so strange because you are semi awake at the time and seeing everything "real time" as it were in the room you are in. It's not like a nightmare where your surroundings can be anywhere you are literally in your room in your bed and looking at it all but with all these other things going on around you. You try to scream and move but can't it is horrible. When I was with my ex and it happened I could be looking right at him in the bed next to me and trying to grab him and feel like I am screaming at him to help. He told me what it was like seeing me and that I was mumbling but not managing to actually say anything...he found it hilarious....I did not.....:ROFLMAO: It's funny because I now have actually learned a lot about it when it happens - and this is going to sound strange- I know that it is happening and the "awake" part of my brain knows it isn't real. I actually talk to myself in my head saying "it isn't real wake up, wake up" until I eventually do. It is the reason the dogs slept in the bed with me when I was single. Happens a lot less when they are there and has never happened when Mr CG has been there....I'm sure he would find it hilarious too!
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    +1 for yoga - it teaches you to control your breathing, and focus on your body; once you've learnt a bit of that you will find it'll help you no end (and you don't have to keep up the actual yoga stuff really once you have learnt to become more aware of yourself).
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    Well 2 nights ago, was stressing, so I had a bit of a nightmare. I think they have stopped now tho, as dreams lately have been all good. How is everyone else doing? :)
  8. Last night I dreamt I walked out of Tesco having stolen 5K worth of beef.
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    Woke up and found it was horse!!
  10. No I asked for an entire side of beef. Woman walks out with it on a trolley (actually it looked more like a 2 yard sized piece of fillet steak), and said that is £5000, pay at the till. Then the fire alarm went off in the store and I walked straight out the front door with the trolley and the beef during the confusion. Then I saw on the news TESCO were trying to track a thief who made off with a lot of beef the day before. Woke up this morning in a fug feeling very guilty and where I had stored the stuff. Then I realised I haven't been to TESCO for several days so it wasn't real.
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