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  1. What does a "platform kit" consist of ?

  2. Maxxum-man

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    North west
    Is this the £400 extra when pricing up a trimble 750 and EZ steer!? came as a shock to me on top of the original price!
  3. I believe so, local NH/Case dealers have offer on, with good savings until end of March.

    Seemed good until told it didn't include the "platform kit", enquired about price they said £1900 for each

    tractor. thought bugger that, so would like to know what you get for money, they were unclear when I asked

    just said a few brackets, plugs and cables .etc
  4. Maxxum-man

    Maxxum-man Member

    North west
    I was quoted £4100 for Fm750 and Ez steer, that doesnt include fitting though!
  5. HAM135

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    Not a lot,i have ez pilot and bought a second platform kit to fit our MF,£500,all it has are a couple of brackets and another spindle to fit the steering wheel on,i thought it would include the wiring to the 750 box as well but no,doesn't look like any more than £50 worth.:mad:
  6. Maxxum-man

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    North west
    You got any further on a t7.210 out of interest Ham??
  7. HAM135

    HAM135 Member

    Still waiting on the sale of our 6080 to go through,then i will choose between 7.210 or MF 7618,not sure which way to go though!
  8. Steevo

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    Ouch! £1900 seems a bit excessive, £500 sounds about the right price as far as i've heard. Doesn't sound like you get much for your money though. You'd think they'd bundle the cost into the price of the EZ-Pilot for simplicity i.e. bump up the price by £500.
  9. Maxxum-man

    Maxxum-man Member

    North west
    Keep it blue!
  10. Chickcatcher

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    SG9 0RG
    What is in a platform Kit. I am about to order one £495
    Steering spud shaft
    Anti-rotation bracket
    Lower spline adapter
    Spacer, 22mm,
    OD 9mm,
    ID 8.5mm
    Upper motor adapter
    Hex nut, 18mm
    Anti-rotation pin
    Split lock washer, 18 mm
    Anti-rotation block
    Screws, hex socket head, 5 mm x 12 mm
  11. Farmer Wally

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    It doesn't matter what system you buy into, they all want to rip you off and squeeze as much money as they think is humanly possible out of you..!

    They want to get in the real world and sell lots of units at sensible prices instead of just profiteering on a few units.!
  12. Robt

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    Being in auto steer, it's about offering the best products, offering a fair price, offering back up second to none. And being profitable and running a successful business to ensure you survive to offer that support in years to come . I've seen lots of cheap and cheerful products/companies hit the market. Business is not about selling lots and lots, it's about sustained growth, profit over turnover and being fair and being proud to offer value for money.
    I've had lots of customers come to me that have bought cheap then got terrible service only to pay in the long run.
    My customers pay a fair price and I will do my upmost to ensure good service. Some of my customers must read this. If they feel they have poor service , let me know ASAP. However fed up of wingers complaining about price yet have no intention of ever buying. No farmer wally that's not you! It's just very easy to go onto a public forum, use a false name and create lots of bad press.
    I am always honest with people and often tell them company a or company b are cheaper. You get what you pay for.
  13. Farmer Wally

    Farmer Wally Member

    Haha a little sharp on your bite back Robt ..! Lol

    Try being a buyer and see if you think the price is fair..!!

    I shouldn't think anyone who has bought into GPS autosteer has been jumping with joy about the price..!

    But on the other side of the story it has saved us money..! Lol

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