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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Hollykip, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Hollykip

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    North yorks
    Anybody have experiences with these?

    Have another thread going on buying my 1 st tedder but looking at a pottinger 540n and 610n
    They look ok but never seen one working
  2. Red Fred

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    I've got a 4 rotor Pottinger ("Eurohit?" Can't remember number!) and it has been very good although it hasn't done a huge area due to the awful weather in its first two years. It did 50 or 60 acres this year and still looks like new at 3 years old, not needed any tines yet and it runs behind my old IH434 which happily lifts the outside rotors on the hydraulics to fold it up. Trying it on the old IH250 on some light grass wasn't so successful as the tractor's hydraulics are a bit droppy, but that would happen to any 3pt mounted tedder. I bought it as our local small family dealers do them, and will probably try one of their rakes when my old Kuhn gives up the ghost.
  3. Clever Dic

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    Had a demo last summer of the new 13.5m machine and liked it enough to buy. I have always been Lely but wanted to go wider and have a straight tine machine which I am lead to believe in certain conditions picks up better. Time will tell but have Pottinger mowers and 4 rotor rake and been happy with them.
  4. Yes, I work on said machines on a regular basis, we have many out there and they give very few problems to none, the odd tine but when you see machine in yard it's covered in mud, so I'd say it looks like they've been rotavating! So what do they expect?

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one as we get good reviews and they make a good job, from my own personal experience as a mechanic, we get no issues with bearings on the above machines and the build quality is good, paintwork is now fantastic due to the change in paint process.

    I'd say the said machine is a HIT 540N, a good little 4 rotor machine perfect for a small acreage, that was maybe previously covered by a haybob.
  5. rob1

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    Have you any of the twin rotor rakes out 620N ?
  6. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    Just checked and that's the one, it replaced a similar sized but ancient Kuhn 4 rotor trailed tedder from the 70s.
  7. Hi there,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, yes we have a good few of these machines out, very highly rated we have one customer who is particularly fussy (a good thing) and he loves the machine, I'm sure he said to me he'd run it on his 135/165? They are surprisingly light, floating headstock so follows ground contours and very short, complete with storage wheels so you can pack it neatly into the corner of a building. They have come along way from the earlier 'plastic' wheeled versions. A good all-round product, as I'm not a salesperson I couldn't offer you a price or even a ballpark.


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