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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by General-Lee, May 15, 2018 at 12:33 PM.

  1. General-Lee

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    Hi, wife needs a laptop decent mid range sort of £400-500 may upgrade in few years if job and house pan out don’t wanna go crazy now. Bit of typing at peoples homes and bulk will be done at home.

    Wants: small, good battery, Windows, cd drive, think that’s about it, oh wants to be stylish :rolleyes::facepalm: (managed to convince her away from pinching my MacBook!!:D ).

    Any help/ideas greatly appreciated Lee.
  2. General-Lee

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  3. You wont buy a really mid range machine for 400 quid. Could buy a decent tablet though?
  4. General-Lee

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    No probably not found one for £500, just need to look into it.
  5. JeepJeep

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    What Spec for £500?

    I've an ageing Toshiba thats earned it's keep but it just keeps going. Keep looking at replacing it but everything comes back as HP or Dell and feels cheap. Bought the Misses an Asus and I don't like the feel of that either.

    An Acer lasted 12 months a few years back.

    I'm after ideally an I5/I7 with a big Screen for spreadsheets and parts catalogues/ diagrams none of this 12 13 inch sh!t..

    Desktops no good as I need to work out of the car aswell.
  6. Steevo

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    HP is usually my brand of preference from the big boys
  7. JeepJeep

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    Do they last?... Don't feel aswell built as the Toshiba. Used for A Good few hours a day.
  8. f0ster

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    one of my customers buys gov surplus machines and referbs them and sells them on, it is not just a side line, it is his full time job. I have had a couple, any version of windows you like, fully registered. the last one was a lenovo think pad,
  9. Boysground

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    Have had 2 desktops and 3 laptops from PCS. They have all been excellent machines. With the bonus of no bloatware to slow them down from the start you can spec each machine exactly as you want. 4 of the machines are still in daily use.

    The desktop in the parlour has hardly been turned off for 7 years, the only problem was having to replace the power supply a couple of years ago.

  10. If you can get a lenovo they are normally good kit.

    Asus is the cheapest I would dare go personally.
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  11. My wife’s got a Lenovo yoga flip-back convertible one and they’re pretty good. The networking on it seems to be an aspect that lets it down slightly. But that maybe her particular setup or W10 to be fair.

    Back in the day (in the late 90s), “proper” ThinkPads - the T-series - were the absolute bollocks. Proper magnesium chassis, light and powerful.

    They had some innovative stuff like the famous “butterfly” keyboard that expanded out from the body into a full(er) sized keyboard.

    Then IBM decided to get out of hardware completely and go into “services”. Hence they flogged the whole division to the Chinese.

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