Rental value of land trucks.

Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by Difender 90, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Difender 90

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    Neighbouring haulage company has approached me about renting an acre of land for parking trailers on . land is over fence from existing haulage yard any opinons on rental value per year they would be stripping topsoil and hardcoreing land would be a long term agreement.
  2. If it’s stripping top soil etc would that need planning and amend their operators license etc. Would think it would be worth quite a bit to them being next door.
  3. Nearly

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    North of York
  4. Greenbeast

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    East Sussex

    Yes :)
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  5. no idea really never had to rent a yard for parking if it hasn't got planning not a lot cause they are bound to evict them sooner or later and make you reinstate the ground at your cost
  6. Where abouts are you?

    Here, Secure yard on hard standing is £1+ Psf easy
  7. Formatted

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    Sell it and be done with the hassle?
  8. Difender 90

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    We are in north Lancashire.
    we are in north Lancashire.
  9. Get an agent involved then, values prob lower up there but still worthwhile
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  10. RhysT

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    Friend of mine pays for parking for 6 lorries on a farm. Works out at serious money every year.
  11. As with most things location location location
  12. warksfarmer

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    Bare land and them doing the work to get it ready then leaving you with it when they’ve gone your looking at £1.50/sqft/yr without any elec/water etc and they'd have to pay your insurance and any rates on top.

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