Replanting hedge , what would you plant

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    The wife’s been wanting to lay a hedge for a while which we got the grant towards , we do need to patch up sections and reading the gov paperwork we need to use 3 species ,of coarse we will plant hawthorn but what else have other planted to make a nice hedge which is within the guidelines given.

    Who are the best to buy it through as well.

  2. onthehoof

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    We use Buckingham nurseries, not the cheapest but usually decent plants plenty of choice I like the not so common species such as common buckthorn and spindle. After planting many metres of hedging I would avoid dog rose which makes the hedge look very untidy and blackthorn which suckers everywhere eventually leading to lots of punctures.
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  3. tepapa

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    North Wales
    Hazel and I'd put a few blackthorn in. Blackthorn does make a good hedge if not left to go wild.
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    Cherry plum is a good alternative to blackthorn - similar looking, doesn’t sucker and cherry plums are good to eat unlike sloes
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    Hawthorn, Dogwood, Blackthorn,Purging Blackthorn & Dog rose to name a few, make sure you avoid any elder!
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    Bury St Edmunds
    Do not use hazel just goes up.
    Quicks, blackthorn,spindle, pear, crab. Dog rose
  7. Can anyone shed some light and advice on hedge planting, I have a 30 foot gap I want to plant with something native a mixture of all sorts I guess, was previously home to some evergreen monstrosities, all now cut down and stump ground out.

    Thank you in advance.
  8. Y Fan Wen

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    N W Snowdonia
    Holly and beech?
  9. solo

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    Have a look at farm forestry website for ideas of mixes and supply costs. I have used them over the last decade for bare root hawthorn which I have been very pleased with.
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  10. 30ft Bit of a short run for different types ....imo...why not just go for one type ...keep it even and simple...
    . Hornbeam are tough and fairly quick to a decent height brown leaves will stay on in autumn/winter like beech ones do.
    Starts growing in spring far earlier than beech
    Trims nicely to a coarser type formal hedge or let grow up for a taller but manageable screen/windbreak if required.
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