Not in my Lungs, but in the gut. Had a few really bad bouts of pain about 10 years ago, and in Hosp. for a couple of weeks. They thought it was cancer, and took out the lymph glands below one arm, but all was clear. It was then diagnosed as Sarcoidosis. It has been settled for a long time now and thankfully doesn't trouble me.


Dad had it. It knocked him for a couple of years, it affected his lungs and eyes. It also gave him fatigue.

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A scan after pneumonia last Christmas shown some nodules on my lungs unfortunately they don't have access to a scan from 20 years ago when I had pneumonia then for further reference so they are wondering what's going on from the worst case scenario to some sort of lung disease. In myself I feel great with no significant illness since recovery from pneumonia earlier this year eat well able to do a long shift at work with no symptoms other than a cough and a rattle that sounds in my throat that i ve had for possibly 20 years they are checking it out with further scans and tests. One of the lesser things they did say was it could be sarcoidosis or some previous scarring. All very overwhelming and worrying. Hence why I asked thanks for your replies.
Try not to worry, if you are getting repeated pneumonia or similar is it because you work or exposed to dusty or damp environments or some kind of chemical all the time, say solvents? Might be best to avoid that going by what you have said. Smoking is obviously a bad idea, its things like these that can trigger autoimmune disorders like these.

Its possible they will want to do a look see with an endoscope and take a snitch of tissue for biopsy to see what is going on. From what I've read sarcoidosis is usually treated with steroids or self resolves, only a very tiny percentage of cases are more serious or require other treatments.

Hope this is of some help.


I have it on my lungs, and as odd as this sound i was relived to be told that what it was, as at the start they were talking about the Cancer at worst and TB at best. I first had a CAT scan but that was still unclear, so had to have a biopsy done. it wasn't a big deal and took about 4 hours from going in till leaving, and was done under day surgery, most of that time was waiting as i had to stay for 2.5 hours in case i had a reaction to any of the drugs they used and had to have some one stay with me for the next 24 hours when i got home. Currently they are not treating me for it, as the treatment for it as ollie says is Steroids and as a diabetic the 2 don't mix that well, so i'm on a 6 months review, with instructions to go straight to A&E if my eye sight start playing up or i have problems breathing, currently my lungs are not working as well as they should as i get out of breath easily. The DR tell me it should clear up in 3-4 years.
He also said they don't know what causes it, as i have never smoked and have always been a bit anal about wearing a proper mask (not one of those half asses paper one with a rubber band to hold it on ) indeed for the last ten years it been a full face mask.

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Thanks for all your replies just got to wait for the results which will be next week.Turns out 20 years ago I had pneumonia and there was something on my x-ray then at the time I was working in a real dusty grain store i m beginning to wonder whether this is something to do with it because my wife maintains i ve had a slight cough and a rattle for many years.And yes I didn't look after myself and be aware of the damage dust can do or the risks.I have never smoked
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