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  1. focussed

    focussed Member

    Haven't seen a thread for this yet this year...?

    I'll start:

    NCM and Suf X Theaves: 178%
    NCM and Suf X ewes: 202%

    The split across the board is 70% suf X.

    I am happy with that. Unfortunately got 2 quads to deal with.
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  2. A disappointing 170%. Going to have to go away from texel ewes not getting the lambs
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  3. dazza b

    dazza b Member

    Another disappointing 168% here but on the bright side only 1 geld! Need to concentrate on getting condition off my ewes more
  4. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    I'm at about 170% but lots of first time lambers in that and no flushing.

    Trips at 5% of total flock.
  5. Lovegoodstock

    Lovegoodstock Member

    Done 550, 2nd and 3rd crops, 40 odd too soon to tell numbers so barren in per centages, 170 and 174 the two bunches. But bar 1 quad and the inevitable few singles and threes, despite lower than normal a real nice mainly twins scanning, well pleased
  6. slaney

    slaney Member

    I had a lot of empties this year in the early lambers

    But the bigger problem is I can't pin it down

    Came from mixed ages and different Rams. And as far as I know I did the same as every other year.

    It seems as though the ewes were in lamb at some stage but wernt at scannning as we use yellow red blue Radford and only a handful were done with the last raffle blue and these were in lamb
  7. What sort of condition is optimum for around tupping? a bot leaner but on a good protein diet better or a touch on the fat side?

  8. fixersteve26

    fixersteve26 Member

    Late February lambing lleyns, scanned at 190% and that included ewe lambs. Without the ewe lambs 210%
    1 set of quads to deal with but majority twins. Happy with that.
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  9. Davy Boy

    Davy Boy Member

    Pedigree Charollais ewes lambing early Jan scanned at 216% in October including 10 sets of triplets and 17 twins. Going to be some crack:unsure:
    Have some texel ewes lambing in February scanned at 1.90% but most of these were twins(y)
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  10. Guiggs

    Guiggs Member

    Could they have been exposed to something nasty like Toxo/ Enzo?
    Not sure at what stage of pregnancy they start aborting but I'd be having a chat with a vet and getting bloods done if I was you...
    I had Toxo a couple of years ago...not good!
    @bovine ?
  11. slaney

    slaney Member

    If it's toxo I think I'd be too late to act would I?
  12. Guiggs

    Guiggs Member

    I'd have to look it up but I've got something in the back of my mind saying you can inject them with ABs ?
    I could be wrong...I'm sure someone on here will put you straight, speak to your vet in the morning!
    I found out after a terrible lambing with lots of dead and aborted lambs,
    I vaccinate all retained ewe lambs now.
  13. Downtrodden Dad

    Pretty sure its only Enzo you can go in with Alamycin LA at a certain stage to try and help.(But I was once wrong),,,,,
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  14. Davy Boy

    Davy Boy Member

    I think you are right. AFAIK the Alamycin LA surpresses the bug and allows the ewes to carry long enough for the lambs to be fully developed when born. Think you give the ewe the LA about 2 - 3 weeks before due date. Might be wrong.
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  15. bovine

    bovine Member

    Well, yes. You can't magic up lambs from nowhere, but knowing you have it and putting a plan in place for next year would be wise.

    Enzo 'wakes up' from about 90 days of gestation (so has no role in low scanning %). Can use oxytet LA to reduce losses, but it doesn't clear the infection. In an outbreak I'm OK with it, but long term vaccination is the only option. generally around 110 days. Remember anything treated before ~90 days has no effect - need accurate breeding dates
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  16. tr250

    tr250 Member

    197% mainly mules could be slightly higher as we leave tups in til we take them out of ewe lambs so will scan emptys with ewe lambs in a month
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  17. texelburger

    texelburger Member

    Suff x Mules 208 %,too many triplets .Wish it was a little lower.

    Pure Texels 184 %,happy enough with this.
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  18. neilo

    neilo Member

    Whilst it might be worth doing some bloods to investigate, if only to rule out anything for which you could do something next year, I've spoken to several early lambing flocks (mostly Dec) that had more empties and a lower %age than normal. Scanners have told the same story. Our own early mob where just the same, for no good reason, which is why I only lambed 64 last week, where I'd normally do around 100.

    My earlies on get one chance of the ram, then drop back to lamb in March. Those same ewes took the ram very quickly in October, and with only 3 returns marked after 17 days. Mine are vaccinated against Toxo, all bar the shearlings were vaccinated against Enzo and the yearlings are all vaccinated against Campylobacter, so covered pretty well all bases for infectious causes here. All were treated for known TE deficiencies and kept very calm for several weeks after mating (AI and natural service).

    Just one of those years?:scratchhead:
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  19. reverand

    reverand Member

    East lancs hills
    What ewes are you tupping early
  20. neilo

    neilo Member

    First chunk of the pedigree Charollais ewes lamb in December, the rest in March.
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