Shed filling quandary


Whilst manning the grain store it’s got me thinking about how we fill it which presently is tip up on floor as we’ve got underfloor drying. Due to the size of the bays in the shed (24m long, 9m wide) as you work your way back once you hit halfway it’s a pain pushing the grain up due to the door being in the middle of the bay so you end up pushing grain against the walls to get it up on the heap. It puts strain on the loaders headstock and we’ve already had some bending. Using a bucket wouldn’t help because it’s the same problem with the angle but then we can’t get the grain to 3.5m - 4m deep due to reach.

So I was thinking a pit next to the shed with a network of augers so we can divert it where we like. Biggest trailer load would be is 18-20t and we get one of them every 30 mins if busy so as long as the augers could shift 50t/hour it would be fine. Then I’d need some kind of door barriers so we could fill the shed right up which we can’t presently because once the bottom of the heap runs to the door we can’t put any more in as we have no elevators etc.

If we did that then I’m thinking should the grain go through a cleaner whisky it’s being augered? But not a drier because we are underfloor.

Or we knock all the front of the sheds out and go to full width doors (9m) and get an elevator for when the shed gets towards full but we still would need some kind of door barriers.

So the auger systems is a pit, augers, door barriers and maybe a cleaner.

Or the alternative is 9m wide doors, door barriers and an elevator.


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A simple big (10") auger, with a hopper, my doors are big lumps of steel with forklift slots... think bulk lorry side with pop holes to empty, (with auger)... lift it in as it gets to the door, very simple just one machine and motor.
I’ve the same problem 24m long shed, low eaves and rsj’s in the way. Thinking either put and elevator and conveyor in or buy a long mobile rubber belt conveyor, how long would it need to be to fill the back of the shed as I can’t tip 14t trailers in there as lack of headroom

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