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Show us your David Brown Tractor!

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Selectamatic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Selectamatic

    Selectamatic Member

    North Wales
    Go on, get some pictures of your DB on here! :)

    Some of mine...


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  2. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    Seen that 1410 hedging away a couple of times. Nice sight!
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  3. J 1177

    J 1177 Member

    Durham, UK
    Cutting some old grass. 20180626_133813.jpg
  4. They're not mine but I like them!

    IMG_20180915_160339705.jpg IMG_20180915_160639592.jpg
  5. essexpete

    essexpete Member

    OK here goes.........
    Oh hang on a minute I haven't got one.
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  6. carpenter1

    carpenter1 Member

    Here is ours turning hay in june 20180623_144624(0)_resized.jpg
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  7. Selectamatic

    Selectamatic Member

    North Wales
    Your loss... :LOL:
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  8. Oh Deere

    Oh Deere Member

    Case 1594 with a genuine 3400hrs. Also have a Magpie 1594 Turbo which we are about to start renovating
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  9. Mur Huwcun

    Mur Huwcun Member

    North West Wales
    Eeeeeerrrrm, when we can find a pair of decent fenders and either wave the magic wand at the bonnet or find another one I will! It looks a bit sorry as it is although it even started last time I used it with a nearly flat battery!!!
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  10. Steevo

    Steevo Member

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  11. 76masseyman

    76masseyman Member

  12. Ray

    Ray Member

    1963 four cylinder 880 implematic. It had one previous owner from new, and has covered under 5k genuine hours. I re painted it 18 years ago, and it's hardly turned a wheel since.

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  13. Kingofgrass

    Kingofgrass Member

    01AAE6A2-B01F-4A82-81B0-3F04B47B3FE5.jpeg Only ever seen one other one, and that was with out a blade
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  14. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Our 990, it’s been on the farm since new. My dad always tells me it was bought the year they had a very good do on spuds and they bought and paid for two. Only this one still here though now.
    2EA189A2-75F8-41B8-BA37-EBE4E19C90AE.jpeg BC4DEB55-16FE-439D-BBB1-152FDFC019A6.jpeg
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  15. bearplant

    bearplant New Member

    north shropshire
    Here’s mine. D104A4EC-AF54-4AC0-9102-214C1FB3741B.jpeg D104A4EC-AF54-4AC0-9102-214C1FB3741B.jpeg
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  16. wr.

    wr. Member

    Only got this one "working" now. She only feeds sheep at a place we have away from home. She was bought 2nd hand in 1978 from FH Burgess in Abergavenny who's salesman was Neville Edwards. Over 9k hours but she doesn't clock up many these days.


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  17. Bob lincs

    Bob lincs Member

    Long Sutton
  18. 76masseyman

    76masseyman Member

    You lads must be tall to fill that slug pellet spreader ??
    Like the Wilder topper, done a few acres with one of those.
  19. Bob lincs

    Bob lincs Member

    Long Sutton
    I think that was in the days when ladders were still allowed and we had gone from 12 m to 20m tramlines so needed a bit more hieght to throw them .
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