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Eeeeeerrrrm, when we can find a pair of decent fenders and either wave the magic wand at the bonnet or find another one I will! It looks a bit sorry as it is although it even started last time I used it with a nearly flat battery!!!
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SRUC tops UK list for SME consulting income

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Written by John Swire

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) provides more business value to SMEs than any other higher education institution in the UK.

This is according to a new study by Universities UK that found – over a four-year period – that SRUC generated more than £57.5 million of income through its consultancy and Veterinary Services.

SRUC was ranked above the University of Liverpool (£54m) and the Royal Veterinary College (£31.5m), with the University of Edinburgh (£16.5m) and the University of St Andrews (£12.5m) the only two other Scottish entries in the top ten.

In terms of the UK, Scotland finished above the North West (£83.5m) and London (£76.1m), with SRUC responsible for...