Silage wrap

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  1. Northeastfarmer

    Someone I know used to with an old roller baler...wouldn’t fancy doing it with a 30k one tho
  2. Why not? The plastic will be unlikely to be genuinely recycled, and most likely get landfilled eventually anyway, albeit in a different country and in a more polluting manner. Surely until we have a genuine recycle solution in place the logical thing is to minimise use as much as possible and put what we still end up using into the best waste route.

  3. and this one is even more impressive in terms of results.
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  4. nails

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    Yes Done it with an old Welgar and a Krone . The Krone chain and slat does it really well and very little gets wrapped up any where it shouldn,t
    Obviously take care and feed with a prong and don,t stand on anything going into the baler(y)
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  5. Governess

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    That does sound a good idea, Need someone to give it a try, I haven't got a baler.

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