1. W

    Cheapest OSR seed

    What’s the cheapest conventional none hybrid osr seed out there at the minute and what seed treatments are used as I’m a bit out the loop osr wise.
  2. W

    Prince Philip RIP

    Big loss to this country. RIP
  3. F

    Ewes hay consumption

    I ve got 40 texel ewes to house,due to lamb over next two weeks....How long should I expect a 4ft round bale to last them? .They ll also be getting a good feed of ewe nuts too . Thanks in advance
  4. spin cycle

    mf and greenland balers

    is a mf 828 the same as a greenland rv156 :scratchhead:
  5. Surgery

    Difference in 4ft to 5 fy rounds in rough weight

    What extra would you get in a round bale if the same bailer did 4ft and 5ft bales , belt baler , thanks
  6. Massey_3115

    Older / Classic Round balers

    I’m looking at getting myself a round baler. Only covering about 75 acres straw and 50 acres grass/ hay of my own Just wondering what would be a good make / model to consider, ideally bale hay as 4fts and straw 5fts. New Holland seem quite good value, John Deere 590’s / welfare’s seem to...
  7. T

    Advice on kit for small scale hay making please.

    Hi and happy(ish) new year to you all. We are planning to turn a field over to grass and make small hay bales for the local equestrian market. About 2.5 Ha total. We have a baler and handling equipment and a Vicon speeder 300 that's been heavily modified to fluff and aerate straw behind our...
  8. will_mck

    Moving Small Square bales

    I usually make 15000 square bales of straw at harvest time and it's pretty slow and stressful, next year I'm hoping to make 20000 and can't think how to speed things up much more without forking out £40k+ for a second hand balepacker. There's only 3 of us, one man on the baler and flat 8 sledge...
  9. Rick.banks

    Mchale f5500 or kuhn fb3130?

    Anybody any experience with both? On paper very similar balers, kuhn works out less with a drawbar on for the wrapper and mchale don't make a drawbar any more [emoji85]
  10. CWA-2017

    Tractor Transport from Northern Ireland to UK ?

    Hi guys n gals just wondering if anyone knows of a good haulage company that can pick up a non running tractor from Northern Ireland and deliver to Nantwich ? the trailer needs to have a winch in order to load the tractor as it’s not able to be loaded any other way TIA
  11. Flat 10

    R bell auction lincs

    Blimey, what a collection! Shame everything has sat outside. Really liked the look of the old Nuff with cleaner loader built on..... Lots of tools too
  12. W

    round bale silage baling price

    what are people paying contractors per bale for round bale silage baled and wrapped?( 6 layers)
  13. H

    Mower conditioner

    I’m looking about for a new/tidy used moco seeing that my contractor is giving up. Would really like a trailed mower like our old Kuhn 250g 10 years ago! Any body out there had any experience with a krone 2800 trailed or a jd 1355. Gone off the idea of a mounted mower after my mate snapped the...
  14. D

    First baler on a serious budget. Whats good whats not?

    I'm shopping for a baler, don't have a lot of baling to do and will likely upgrade in a few years but to start with I need something under £5k that's a good machine. Don't mind a bit of work to get it right but a machine that's reliable and simple would be good. Bear in mind that although I have...
  15. C

    Lely Rotonde with 540 standard

    I have a three speed case maxxum 115 6cyl and I switched the speed to 540 standard to do a bit of mowing The next day I tried to row up some grass with my lely rotonde 510 And it seemed like the rake was turning slower in 540 standard than 540 E is this normal? ( I was at 2000 revs in standard...
  16. beardedcountryboy

    Anybody want any wholecrop?

    Hey how's everyone doing? I had a cheeky experiment direct drilling winter wheat in late January, 2 months later nothing had chitted and my agronomists told me there's no need to glyphosate and just to drill spring oats. Annnyway looks like some cheeky wheat plants didn't get the message...
  17. TrickyT

    Snapping Flywheel Shear Bolts on a New Holland 276 Super Baler

    Have been helping the brother in law do some small bales. He is using an MF390 with a New Holland 276 Super Baler. I would anticipate we have done 10 acres and 600 bales, but we keep snapping the flywheel shear bolt. As fat as we are aware everything it set up correctly. PTO turning at 540...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Mchale f540 on ebay.

    Seen a mchale f540 on ebay, 2014, 12000bales, looks clean and pics are in a dealers yard, 6000, near Barnsley, will this be a scam add, thought it should be nearer 10 grand. I'm nearly sick of sorting my claas.
  19. Danllan

    TV Licence a.k.a. the BBC tax - no, not again.

    Well, I've paid my licence fee for as long as I can remember despite, in recent years, being monumentally nauseated by the BBC's political bias and PC preaching. I like the idea of the BBC as an institution, but not what it's become, and reading the article below - I quote some of the more...
  20. Fragonard

    Welger vs McHale

    Simple question. Which makes the heavier/denser/better bale of silage? Thanks.