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Silotite silage stretchfilm has been a global market leader for over three decades. Each year, Silotite protects a variety of forage crops in millions of bales, both round and square, worldwide. Designed for trouble-free use on all balewrapping machinery, the Silotite range of products suits both farmers and contractors.

Along with our Silotite and SilotitePro range of balewrap, we also produce Baletite baler film, that replaces the need for netwrap in round silage bales. Baletite reduces silage wastage as no baled fodder can become enmeshed in it.

Both Baletite and SilotitePro make up the Film & Film wrapping system, produced for use on combi-wrappers capable of applying film instead of netwrap in the bale making process. This leads to a more efficient balewrapping process, high oxygen barrier and greater bale density for an enhanced silage quality.

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Our Staff at the Show Today

Vicki Coleman @Vicki @ BPI

Lloyd Dawson @Lloyd @ BPI

- Paul Johnson @Paul @ BPI

Paul is our Sales Manager – North, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Having worked in the agricultural sector for 25 years, Paul has been responsible for maintaining current accounts and searching out new ones in Scotland, Northern Island and parts of Northern England for over 4 years.

- Stuart Anthony @Stuart @ BPI

Stuart is our Sales Manager – Central Region

Stuart is an experienced sales manager, having worked with us for over 5 years. His duties involve selling our products to Wales and Central England.

- Roger Jackson @Roger @ BPI

Roger is our Sales Manager – South Region

With over 31 years of experience within his field, Roger has the task of selling our products into agricultural distributors and dealers within the Southern area of the UK.

Vicki @ BPI

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Baletite is an innovative film that replaces netwrap in round silage bales. Specifically created for the next generation of baling machines that can apply film instead of net, Baletite has been designed to enhance the ensiling process and protect the bale contents.

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Vicki @ BPI

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Film and Film wrapping system achieves high quality silage

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Since the introduction of machinery that uses film instead of net wrap over 10 years ago, Baletite has produced thousands of high quality silage bales for farmers worldwide. Increasingly, farmers and contractors in the UK and Ireland are now taking advantage of this system.

Baletite forms part of the film and film wrapping system that sees farmers and contractors achieving benefits including ease of working, greater bale density, cost savings from less spoilage in the bale and higher output from their livestock.

Independent tests carried out on Baletite have shown that the extra layers of protection around the circumference of the bale, and bale edge protection, produces a more compact, stable bale with up to 5cm less bale diameter, meaning significantly less oxygen inside the bale. Less oxygen means the amount of spoilage losses in the bale is reduced and improves fermentation. Baletite also allows easier handling and storing of bales, as they are less likely to sag in storage.

When it comes to feed out, the process is managed easier and more efficiently, with either mechanical or manual bale opening, as no fodder becomes enmeshed. Therefore, there are significantly less losses to the high quality feed. Both Baletite, and SilotitePro can be recycled together which means no time is wasted separating waste for collection.

As previous in-field testing has shown, the farmer gained an average of 7.35kg dry matter per bale using the F&F system. This means a gain of 86.73 MJ ME per bale and can lead to an extra 15 litres of milk or an increase of 1.9kg of live weight gain per bale.

Using Baletite and SilotitePro together gives the ultimate in bale protection, with SilotitePro’s longer 2000m length, more bales can be made per reel. This also means time savings through less reel changes and enhanced crop quality with an optimised film structure. SilotitePro has unique sleeve packaging that protects the reel before use and helps towards a more efficient wrapping process.

Vicki @ BPI

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We are all being encouraged to take care of the environment in which we work and live so it is good to know that the Silotite range of silage films can help farmers and contractors to significantly reduce their ecological footprint.

Sleeve packaging = less waste + more time
Silotite lives up to its reputation in the field of innovation: Silotite is taking sustainable packaging to a whole new level with fully recyclable, user-friendly sleeve packaging. A big plus for this is that the packaging is its lighter weight. With the average balewrap carton being approximately 10 times heavier than a sleeve, the potential waste reduction on farm is significant.
Reduced packaging waste
Those using a pallet of balewrap a day can reduce the weight of their packaging waste by an impressive 17kg as illustrated below:

40 boxes @ 480g =

40 sleeves @ 55g =

Overall packaging weight reduction =

That’s 17kg less packaging waste to handle, fold and sort for every pallet used. Plus, the polythene sleeve takes up considerably less space during storage and transport to be recycled.

Easier, quicker waste management
Managing packaging waste in the field is easier too. With combi-wrappers carrying up to 10 reels of balewrap, users report that folding and storing flexible sleeves is easier and quicker than handling bulky cardboard cartons.

Reducing waste streams
Made using the same base material (low density polyethylene) as the balewrap itself, this protective sleeve can be easily recycled through the same channel as balewrap, thereby aiding management of the waste streams.

Paul @ BPI

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Baletite is an innovative film that replaces netwrap in round silage bales. Specifically created for the next generation of baling machines that can apply film instead of net, Baletite has been designed to enhance the ensiling process and protect the bale contents.

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To get more milk or LWG from your bales just ask for Baletite.

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