Sinus headache

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  1. bit like someone's smacking you across the bridge of the nose with a fence post for about the last month.

    Guessing it's viral, painkillers have limited effect. Anyone any ideas?
  2. Hampton

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    This helps (generic Sudafed)

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  3. milkloss

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    Had this a while ago and it hurt like hell. Went to the doc who tells me if it doesn’t go away in a couple of days, come back. So I asked what he would do at that point and he answered with antibiotics. I walked out that day with a box of amoxicillin as I wasn’t going to waste his time or mine going back and it cured the pain in a day.

    You’ve got it bad so go get some AB’s. Mrs gets it chronic and has had to go up to clarithromycin as amoxy won’t touch it now.
  4. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Is it a high pain I.e forehead or across either side below your eyes?
  5. bridge of nose and below eyes. very little snot. some fluid running down back of throat. inside of top of nose feels dry and crusty.
  6. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    That’s the better one to have, a chronic infection if the top sinus can be dangerous. See the doc for some AB’s. If you don’t fancy that you could try a nasal irrigator. The mrs used one with some steroids but it can work with just the salt. You need the salt to stabilise the water, killbugs etc.
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  7. Sudafed.

    Failing that ask pharmacist for codeine. Explain other painkillers have not worked.

    Check it isn't a nerve in your teeth...
  8. it could well be related as in middle of series of fillings appointments
  9. Ah. Welcome to the cranial nerves.... your culprit is the trigeminal ones.... as you can see they serve a couple of areas.

  10. Johnbeer

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    I got a sinus infection from a tooth abscess. Dentist missed it on the scan and it spread upwards. It took me 18months to get to the bottom of it. I ended up needing sinus operation to clean infection out and cleaned £6000 out of bank as went private to get it done. Couldn’t wait for nhs to do it!
  11. PSQ

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    Probably no help here, but I have always taken mint tea for sinus pain.
  12. Steam inhalations work - old fashioned but does the job....
  13. mo!

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    Steam, lie on the bed on your back with your head over the edge and hopefully you'll get a pop and a release of fluid. And get some antibiotics.
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    phenylephrine over the counter is a winner for me (sudafed but boots sell own brand) Dont bother with any other mix you can take your own pain killers. Nasal sprays brilliant a mix of allergy types and water based. Steam is no good as it only lasts as long as the steam. Massaging Trigger points work a treat too.
  16. Barleymow

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    olbas pastilles if you can bare the taste , usually can if my sinus are bad
  17. Roy_H

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    +1 . It's not the most pleasant thing to use but l wished I had discovered that 25 years ago. I used to suffer terribly with sinus pain until I discovered that irrigator thingy. It's been a godsend to me.
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    add some menthol crystals that'll clear you out once dropped half the pot in nearly took my head off and everyone in the house had running eyes:eek:(y):whistle:
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  19. at least this forum has allowed me to keep a diary of how long this has gone on for. enough is enough, time to see the quack.
  20. Hampton

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    If you have had it for longer than two weeks, they give you antibiotics. Sorted me out in three days

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