Texel Throat?


Mixed Farmer
Got a lovely, young Tup that has developed Texel throat. Never seen it before, but I gather it is genetic.

A real shame, as he threw some fine lambs this time.... :unsure:

He is really rasping today, and I really do not feel comfortable taking him to auction in the killers, as was suggested to Herself. I asked the Vet, and he said no paper was needed, but TS or RSPCA could get arsey...

Anything other than a bullet? I did try Metacam when it first showed up some time back, but had little effect, and not worth it now

Al R

Livestock Farmer
West Wales
I had 1 that was like that for 2 weeks, never seen it before and he’s totally homebred so very odd but he was ridiculously stocky!
Sold him last week with a load of culls although he hadn’t been weezy the last few days he was here 👍🏻


Mixed Farmer
I wouldn’t worry, just take him in the culls.
I was at a ram sale 18 months ago where a Beltex breeder had one wheezing so loud you could hear him across the market. He got progressively worse through the day and he was eventually persuaded to take him out to his trailer before the auction started.
He was there to sell for breeding.🤐

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