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    New Zealand
    Do you have a link to that article?
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    New Zealand

    Sorry for the late reply. Depends on if you want to leave stones behind or rip them up?

    In our farming practice we won't use tynes as we want to leave stones in the ground where they belong. We have spent endless hours in the past picking stones up.

    Disc drills just skip over them but you do need good coulter travel
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    Most definitely tines. Here on the Cotswolds in some fields it is a job to see the small amount of soil because of the stones. I am sure a disc drill,HOWEVER MUCH PRESSURE you put on the coulter would still ride over the stones ,as many of them are 150mm across,so the seed would just lie on top of the ground. Even with a tine drill I think being able to vary the rate seed would be usefull in the stony patches.
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    Trouble with tines is that they keep the stones on the surface, continually flicking them out. Agree that discs will ride out a lot to start with, but before long trash and worm casts will bury them, leaving pure soil on the surface. Question is how long is before long?
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    have seen some brassica paddocks that have been back to back for 4 years of being drilled with a cross slot. In the od place where it's pure stone I don't think it's getting much better, but where there's a bit of soil to work with the stones are getting less.

    It's much better where it's sown down in grass for a few years & then disc drilled into brassica.
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    huge roller will stop a fair bit of lift out in the case of disc drills with press wheels is it the disc or the press wheel leading to it seeding on top
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    Tine all the way for me I dd with the amazone cayena quite happily into our flinty horrible clay cap ground. The wearing parts list is tiny just the culters. I looked at the 750 but recon I'd have to re bearing every two years and redisk every year. The bit of work my neighbour has done with the l
    Kuhn was expensive for him as the flint shredded the packer tyres in 50 ha of dd. As for flints after drilling we built a 10 ton set of 30 ft rolls to push them back in. Only use them in dry seasons go out in the spring with a lighter set in a year like this. This system is totally wrong for a contract job I do 3 miles away where it's all sand and clay. Wish I had a kuhn or 750 for that job.
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    I prefer using Disk Drill it's efficient and easy to use, the download link is here
  9. I use a disc drill
    When it is dry and hard or stoney ground I just drive slower j

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