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  1. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    :eek:. Now I love dogs I really do. But the desire to own more than 2 is really not there. What do you want 10 for? Husky sled? Fox hound pack or what? You wouldn't fit in my house with 10 dogs. I also wouldn't want your feed or vet bills! Fair play to you if you can control that many too, I find 2 a handful at times!
  2. had e nuff

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    IMG_20180112_154122.jpg Waiting for the vet to read pre move tb test (passed) so they can go to market on Monday.

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  3. Have you got Thick Farmer's camera? :whistle: Oh, what's a splasher :D
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  4. Nearly

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    North of York
    Not widening another gateway today. :whistle::sneaky: gateway linfit lane.jpg
    Pony paddock, anyone?
  5. lim x

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    Pictures are bad i'm so ashamed:oops: Splasher...a mean thing, nobody gets in my
  6. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    this side of the world its a hedge knife
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  7. Do you really call it a splasher? I thought that was an auto-correct typo and you meant slasher.
  8. Phil P

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    North West
    Yesterday/todays jobs,
    At the airport yesterday and spent most of the day getting my airside pass renewed, you wouldn’t believe the paperwork even though this is my second pass and I’ve been a pass holder for 6 years now.
    First I had to send off for a disclosure to show I’ve no criminal record, then do a GSAT (general security awareness training) that’s 2h and a test, then an airfield safety test, fire safety video, a terrorist awareness video, and finally a load of paperwork that has to be signed off by a manager. Anyway sorted for another 3 years then do it all again:rolleyes:
    The new pump had landed for the sweeper. Took the old one off to find the spline was different on the new pump and it’s £500 for an adaptor to mane the new pump fit !:eek:
    Got back to the yard and went to get the corn drill out the shed (not been in there since November!) as we’d found some ground dry enough to sow some wheat seed we have left and don’t want to keep it till next year.
    Anyway opened the door:banghead: FCEC614B-0CCF-483B-ADD5-D285013BB39C.jpeg

    So today’s jobs
    New seal on the power harrow :rolleyes:
    Found the cause, bloody string round the shaft!!!
    Got that back together and went sowing, it was nice to get back on a tractor instead of taking one to bits(y)
    Considering the rain we’ve had it was in good order:)

    On a side note, is anyone going on the BASF trip at the end of the month?
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  9. Adeptandy

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    Wife breeds them ;)
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  10. Landyman

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    this side of the world its illegal :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. Mursal

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    Need a license for that, over here .........
  12. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    DRY! :eek::eek: I think a hovercraft would make a mess here atm :(
  13. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    you in Darlo on monday?
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  14. Phil P

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    North West
    We where very surprised just how dry this block is, we’d written of sowing anymore winter corn until we just happened to go for a drive to look at it. Couldn’t go on any other fields, got ducks and geese swimming on some! :cry:
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  15. had e nuff

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    Yes got 10 going. Hopefully trade staying good.
  16. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    I ploughed some ex beet land early this week. Well nasty on top but could have chased with combination drill if needed. I was surprised.
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  17. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    Presume you have a 3 letter surname ?
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  18. Phil P

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    North West
    We’d started ploughing it back in October/November before getting rained off, finished ploughing it yesterday but thought the stuff that had already been ploughed would have been like s*#t but traveled fine. This is only our second year on this ground and it was grass so didn’t know what the soil would be like, all seems good though.
  19. Steevo

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    Hedging hook!
  20. robbie

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    the brecks norfolk
    Its a Slasher around here.
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