Too late for OSR?

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by snarling bee, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. John

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    Fed up looking at it now plants are there just not growing and still lots of flea beetle. I’ve been farming 30yrs, here 11yrs and this is my second total rape failure both times it’s been to dry

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  2. Wheatonrotty

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    Decided to write it all off yesterday, there's one 15 acre field that's almost worth saving but it's on an outlying block and will be more hassle than it's worth to keep it. Only costs are h/s seed a bit of clover, glypho and some fert. Just need to decide what to put in now.
  3. mo!

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    I'm off out with the tillage spreader to spin some more seed on in the thin patches.
  4. Brisel

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    You need at least 3 true leaves to stand a chance of surviving the winter and time is running out unless we have a very mild October, November & December. If you can do it cheaply and easily I suppose it's worth a try.
  5. mo!

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    Home saved seed and a fert spinner. It can't get any cheaper. It's only to try and thicken up the gappy bits.
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  6. spikeislander

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    Rest of mine going under cultivator weds Thursday hopefully one pass and will drill lovely , possibly drill straight in . Going to go 3rd wheat , won’t affect rotation as it’s a stand alone crop and with a fair wind should do 3 tonne if not 3.5 with costs similar to osr from now on I would rather be trying that than spending on half a crop with potentially larvae to come in the spring and. Restrict yield to sub tonne levels with bare patches taken into account. Add to this the bg thriving in a open crop I feel very happy with doing it up and going down this route . No additional storage needed so logistically makes sense aswell .
    As with everything in our job time will tell.
    Only 15 -20 % of original area sown remains but that looks acceptable and helps third crop rule

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