Tractor doors. County durham

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by ILovebaling, Jun 11, 2019 at 1:07 AM.

  1. ILovebaling

    ILovebaling Member

    Co Durham
    Stolen Sunday 9th/Monday 10th June.

    Both tractor doors off 3 tractors.

    Also mchale 991 high speed wrapper control box and radio receiver remote.

    Some diesel and a few tools Screenshot_20190610-095743.jpg IMG_20190610_095410.jpg IMG_20190610_095350.jpg IMG_20190610_093608.jpg
  2. case 5140

    case 5140 Member

    Derbyshire Dales
    OMG nicking doors.............!
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  3. kill

    kill Member

    South West
    What dirty bar-stewards. WHY???
    Those Zeator doors would take forever to sell.
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  4. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    It looks more like you upset someone or they needed one pair of doors but nicked them all to hide which they needed?
  5. anzani

    anzani Member

    Too much like work to make fit a caravan?
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  6. som farmer

    som farmer Member

    stolen to order
  7. Tomr10

    Tomr10 Member

    Shocking so much be stolen to order these days
  8. som farmer

    som farmer Member

    and they must be going into our profession, can not see any other use for them
  9. ILovebaling

    ILovebaling Member

    Co Durham
    Apparently it's the in thing to be pinching. Doesn't even matter if its bolted down anymore and so much for lock your doors...

    And yes they were all un bolted, not smashed.
  10. ILovebaling

    ILovebaling Member

    Co Durham
    I've not upset anyone and for the record only one tractor was mine, all on the same farm though.

    The strangest thing is I had a X7.680 there as well and they opened the door but didn't take them, or the baler control box that was lying on the cab floor.
  11. Farmer_Joe

    Farmer_Joe Member

    North Yorkshire
    keep eye on ebay
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