Tractor driving experience as gifts

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Stuart.Wyle1, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Stuart.Wyle1

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    I am looking for a classic/vintage driving experiences for a birthday gift (ideally in Lincolnshire but can travel). Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions please?
  2. Mursal

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    Welcome ............

    If the person's into tractors, colour (make) might be more important than "ordinary people" think, so might be worth discreetly checking, first? Some people wouldn't be seen dead in a blue or a green tractor .........
    We're a bit far (Ireland), so hold tight for closer folk ................

    But, I'd say they'd love one of their very own?
  3. 76masseyman

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    Hi Stuart.
    What would be the persons preferance as to what to drive, and what do they want to do ? Just a run up and down a private road, or in the field ?
    Do they have any previous experience ?
    Are they over 14 years of age ?

    Sorry to sound nosey, just wondering if I can suggest something.
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  4. diesel1

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    North Yorkshire
    IMG_3763.JPG Cat 765 challenger and a Alvis sabre army tank any good to you? maybe a track marshall 50 crawler too! P1040381.JPG 001.JPG
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    Where do I sign .............

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