1. 7

    Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure.

    Surprised the TFF armchair critics haven't ripped this to bits. My thoughts............ Looks like a nice place, good house / buildings / land. Not sure if Mr & Mrs Kelvin will make the grade as " proper " farmers, but so what. Neither have I....... They can always rent out the ground, and...
  2. Ffermer Bach

    Kelvin's Farm on BBC

    What are the thoughts on it? Kelvin Antionette and the BBC are trying to cash in on the Clarkson's Farm series that they missed out on I think.
  3. JD6920s

    Centre packer roller

    Lely power harrow front centre packer roller. New, and unused, just been in the back of the shed. Could easily be made to fit any other implements. looking for £350 ovnv.
  4. Farm Classifieds


    VADERSTAD RAPID RD600S Advert added by: AMTEC Smart Farming Solutions. Machinery Details Category: Other Price: £11250 Condition: U Description Ex-farm condition, good cultivation and drilling discs, tyres are getting...
  5. K

    Rakeman 3000

    Found myself considering a set of chain harrows as my old set have eventually bit the dust and are on the scrap heap to weigh in. Was looking at the folding frame variety a while back, in particular the Agritrend 4 or 5m but also heard reports that these things can be overly aggressive ripping...
  6. K

    Power harrow 2m

    Hello, would anyone have a view which is a better power harrow: Kuhn HRB 202 compared to the Maschio Delfino DL 2000. Only the 2m suits the tractor I have, ground is a bit stoney. This will be for own use. Thank you, Kevin
  7. M

    Thin grease

    Good morning chaps, my neighbor asked me if I knew what oils go into his tedder's gearboxes. He doesn't want to buy a drum of it, he just wants a small top up, but when he showed this to the local oil/grease guy, he wasn't sure either. TIA
  8. C

    Clover and herbs in permanent pasture

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone has experience of stitching in clover to permanent pasture to boost nitrogen? Also can herbs be added in? Will be grazing sticklers.
  9. CORK

    Gravel drive at my house

    Hi all, I have a gravel drive at my house. I’m finding that it tends to pack tight over time where cars travel on it. We’re thinking of changing the type/colour of gravel so any advice would be appreciated. I want to stick with gravel because of cost and I don’t need any drains or shores.
  10. BRB John

    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    Just been looking at Valtra's A series and G series and can't but help notice that there is significant similarities to Masseys 4700 series and the new 5S and it got me thinking about the structure of AGCO while I assume they will go the same way as CNH, SDF and Argo at some point it seems...
  11. Direct Driller Magazine

    Challenging autumn weather underlines the need to tailor crop establishment approach to prevailing conditions

    Written by Jeff Claydon Establishing winter wheat on the Claydon farm during October with the new 6m Claydon Evolution 6 mounted drill. Despite a stop-start harvest and the very changeable weather which followed, Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon was able to establish all the planned area of...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    History of the GD

    Written by Tony Gent With over 60 years of farming, I have seen and been involved with so many changes, as a lad from working with horses and leaving school at 15 to working on my father’s smallholding with only 50 acres and a mix of cropping. The farm began to mechanise and expand, so did my...
  13. Tucker86


    Now we have details on the payments, is anybody still thinking of putting there whole farm into the sfi scheme ? I can’t see any benefit in putting any of your land into the scheme at them prices, let alone your whole farm ? Happy new year by the way
  14. H

    Vaderstad NZA 6m

    Wanted…Vaderstad NZA trailed 6m…please message me if you have one for sale. Many thanks.
  15. J

    claydon evolution

    so what are the main different between the new and old claydons, or is it a simple rebranding
  16. Bigjon44

    Winter beans

    Anyone's beans come through the ground yet??!! Planted ours back at start of November and still not showing!
  17. wr.

    Silage clamp mats

    Are many of you using them and if so, how long have you had them? Do they perish with age like tyres?
  18. S

    Anyone known of an issues with JR Firby?

    Hi all, Has anyone known of any issues with sales from JR Firby at Slingsby? Bought a David Brown from him which when i tried it, seemed to be in good working order with everything working and he told me that everything worked as it should even the PTO (which i specifically asked about). Got...
  19. JCfarmer

    Power harrow pto speed and forward speed

    Most combi drills come with a hydraulic fan nowadays so no need to run the power harrow full pelt to run fan. Running the power harrow at a slower speed of say 600 (if conditions allow) would require more power or would be easier to drive allowing a faster forward speed?
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Neil White

    Farmer Focus – Neil White 2021 has seen me, after 5 years, drill into cover crops for the first time. I had a big volunteer oat crop due to cutting wet oats at harvest, which I left into winter. Every cloud has a silver lining though as this then provided some winter grazing for a neighbour’s...