Trying to put an Advert on?


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Im trying to do the same thing I get the locked page on ad over £350 on both private and dealer listings . On the general stuff under 350 it lets me in .
Ive try to register on the classified site but it says my email is in use so I tried a few possible pass words then couldn't get any further .
Tried to register with different email address but have had no confirmation emails from the site .
From what I've found you need to click the " classifieds " icon at the top of the page, and log into what is essentially a different website, log on, and go from there.


Sw Scotland
Hi, trying to put an advert on classifieds and I have been awaiting two days to get the moderator to approve it.! Also had the connection is not private page come up.
Have I registered with the wrong site!/ a scam classifieds site! o_O


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Classifieds is a secure site as indicated by the padlock in the url address bar and the httpS address - it has an up to date SSL certificate

Most likely issues is over sensitive AV software on you pc or possibly you have malware on your device . There is certainly no issues with the site that us or our expert hosting contractors are aware of

As in the login screen your TFF username and password IS NOT your classifieds login - it is a separate site you need to register for GDPR prevented us from simply creating an account for all existing TFF users

Moderation of adverts placed can sometimes involve a delay - moderators are unpaid volunteers, we moderate to try and minimise the spam and fake ads that all classifieds sites unfortunately get ... please remember this is a FREE to use service for farmers so I’m sorry if you don’t always get gold plated service

If you want to start paying for ads I will be happy to employee someone full time to look after you all better

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