Tuesday's Weather:10-1 Big Freeze Coming?

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    Tuesday Summary:rain moving west to east

    A windy day with gale force winds over northern Scotland, patchy rain or drizzle slowly crossing the country. Becoming brighter later, cold start in the east but milder in the west with a high of 12C/54F

    Snow Warning: as we have been warning snow is back in the forecast Metjeffuk has a yellow warning for snow Thursday, Friday, Saturday the snow areas most likely are Scotland, northern Ireland northern England and Wales with the south seeing most of any snow over high ground some moderate falls are likely, at the moment we are looking at a longer period of snow in the south on Friday. More updates at metjeffuk.com

    Further Ahead to next week: Big Freeze!

    Again it’s a long way and things could change, but you know at metjeffuk we like to give you the very latest heads up, present indications are showing the probability forecast of severe cold and snow next week with Siberian air in place, if this comes off it will be a Big Freeze, now at the moment we have moderate confidence that this will happen, we will as always keep you updated at our website metjeffuk.com

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    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!
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