Wanted: House to Rent (Gloucs area)

Discussion in 'Auctions and Property' started by SteveHants, Jul 11, 2019 at 4:16 PM.

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    Bit of a long shot this but:

    I have just taken up a job lecturing on Ag Sci degrees at Hartpury and am looking for somewhere to live within about 1/2 hours drive - I have checked all the usual outlets.

    Looking for: 2 bed small house (or similar) preferably in the country, I have a daughter who visits every other weekend, two working collies who are kenneled outside, a small terrier that comes in as far as the kitchen.

    Lots of ads say no children or dogs and it's a bit frustrating. Am willing to pay deposit etc as per usual. Budget - no more than £850/month, preferably a bit less.

    Thanks in advance.

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