"We are short of resources, could you take your dog out and check round your buildings"

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by farmerm, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. farmerm

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  2. “I will just get my unlicensed sawn off shotgun from the back of the wardrobe and go and look for them”

    Bet they find enough resources then...... :rolleyes:
  3. I'm afraid the time is coming when the law must allow rural folk to take the law into their own hands to a degree because society, in the form of a resource depleted police service, has ceased to keep up it's end of the bargain. :(
  4. farmerm

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    only the resources to pick you up, search your property and seize any weapons, legal or otherwise.
  5. Steevo

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    Seems almost every day there is a report about the NHS, Police or other such department that doesn't have enough money to do what is needed.

    I think they need to look at the "farmers careful with money" thread first.
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  6. farmerm

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    Farmers sorting out criminals must be one of the "public goods" that Gove et al keep refering to. :ninja: I hear of some folks playing a new sport called courser coursing :ROFLMAO:.. though lurchers dont run the same risk of delayed reprisals when they ram a hare. :cautious:
  7. farmerm

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    To often in the public sector ecomies of scale leads to excesses of scale. Always much easier to send tax payers money than your own.
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  8. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Ive Had similar, cops sitting in car shitting themselves can you go and check please.... aye na bother not scared are you...
  9. Cowcalf

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    North of Scotland
    noddy not short of rescources up here for sure, they are just very selective what they attend. car chases you soon see how many are on duty
  10. Bill the Bass

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    I’ll take police resource shortages seriously when their pension comes into line with the rest of society and not one second before.

    Thin blue line my arse, thick green wedge in their pocket more like.
  11. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Mention a shooter wakes them up apparently.
  12. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    It will wake them up, but the local 'Poilius Alba' (or whatever the SNP re-branded them as :banghead:) won't be allowed to leave the station until the armed response travel an hour down from Fettes. In fact, I'd almost bet the night shift aren't allowed to leave the city boundary for fear of the city being left without armed police.

    I know a few coppers, and they say the public would be disgusted if they knew that one of the main reasons for the formation of 'Police Scotland' was to move the rural resources into the cities, "oiling the squeaky wheel".
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  13. beltbreaker

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    Same here, was up over Black Isle last week and come upon a PC slowing me down on a single track road. Got round the corner and here is 4-5 fire engines including a fully extended turntable ladder, and 20 odd emergency cars police, CID, fire and a loan ambulance all because some numb nut thrill seeker has decided to climb the 800ft Monteagle transmitter. This was at 8pm and they had been there from 9 am what is more galling than the waste of resources was police had been taken from other areas to this. I sippsup it made a good training exercise.

    Sometimes there is only one car covering Sutherland and Easter Ross. An are which can take 2hrs to get from one side to the other.
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  14. Dry Rot

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    Scottish Highlands
    They are far too busy doing more important things.:rolleyes:

    The pile of correspondence about the seizure of my guns (returned a year later with an apology) sent off to the Police Investigations and Reviews Commission was over an inch thick. I know another case where the documentation ran to 141 pages!

    Sorry to say complaints are necessary so eventually, through lots and lots of practice, they will start to do the job the tax payer pays them to do according to the guide lines. There is truth in the old proverb, "Do it right, do it once".
  15. stroller

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    Somerset UK
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  17. InsuranceLadyAmanda

    The state of our police forces is close to unbelievable. Having spent time with
    http://cambscountrysidewatch.co.uk/ and listened to their back story I found the small team involved both inspiring and impressive. They as a group are tackling rural crime head on and after 25 years the Cambridgeshire Police force have come to rely upon very heavily. That is the bit that I found to be the sad truth of it all. Our police force just do not have the resources or time to respond and even if they do it is extremely rare that they will be able to convict anybody due to needing ultimate proof.

    It is definitely a period in our history where we all have to act as our own "police" and try to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

    There are many different security systems out there in the market now that offer real time alerts which can cost about £500 for a basic package which will do far more than fitting an expensive CCTV system where all you end up with is a video to watch after the event.

    If farmers get together and work together to build a security network then criminals will soon learn and move their attentions elsewhere.
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  18. Farma Parma

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    i read these posts & know too well our task out in the rural parts is a tough fight against these scum bags who just think they
    have a right to break into places & steal stuff, not to mention opening shut gates to chase after a hare or deer.
    I had to try n come to terms with such an event last night... i wont say anymore on it on here but i gave up ringing 101 after an hr.
  19. CornishTone

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    A few weeks ago a farmer near here caught a chap breaking into his farm for a second time and making off with his Ute. He was known to the cops and they knew he’d broken into this farm before but couldn’t pin it on him.

    Anyway, the farmer dragged him out and belted the sh1t out of him, tied him up, threw him in the back of the Ute, put the tarp over him and drove him straight to the cop shop! Police didn’t seem concerned about the unorthodox arrest method and by the time the villain had been tied up under a tarp for 30 mins he was more than happy to cooperate with the police. He thought he was going to be driven into the bush and buried so it was a bonus to have a cop smirking at him!

    Perhaps the Australian police have a slightly more pragmatic approach to crime prevention... and not all hero’s wear capes!
  20. theboytheboy

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    Try that here and they would probably lock up farmer for gbh, kidnapping etc.

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