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Livestock Farmer
what app is everyone useing to forcast the weather i have the met office one at the moment, but it is becoming increasingly inaccurate


Met Office and Weather Pro.
As regards Met Office App, I have complained to them about it being inaccurate at times. They have told me the weather forecast for ones own particular location at the top of the weather page is solely computer generated .They told me to read the notes at the very end of the Met Office app page,which have been put together by a human forecaster. I have to say the notes are quite good for a general forecast for the day.
The hour by hour forecast at the top of the page are a great idea but seem to be inaccurate/ misleading on many occasions, not good when trying to plan what staff or oneself should be doing on that particular day.
I like the weather graph facility on the Weather Pro App, reasonably accurate as all weather forecasts are. :rolleyes:


I believe the Met Office and Microsoft are joining forces to create a new weather computer, the Uk government (us) coughing up 1.2 billion to the project!!!!!!!!
I do hope the project will be successful, otherwise what a waste of our money!!!!! :mad:


I use an app called Weather & Radar, it still isn't 100% but it does have a fairly good map graphic map that seems to be pretty accurate and you can make up your own mind on what's coming. The hour by hour bit is fairly easy to glance at and gives wind and amounts of precipitation in mm.
Your own local knowledge and just watching the sky is as good as anything else.


Mixed Farmer
I’ve found app to be the most accurate. The spraying forecast on the Hutchinsons’s app is also good.


YR says it’s 15 here at the moment with. High of 19 later.

East Anglia forecast:

Status: Adverse Convective rainfall


Forecast - 24 hours (weather and hazard summary)

Bright or sunny spells today alongside some scattered showers. These showers are likely to turn heavy and thundery this afternoon almost anywhere across the region with hourly rainfall totals around 20mm in the heaviest downpours, perhaps more very locally with the additional risk of some lightning strikes. Showers easing and gradually fading away this evening for most areas to leave a dry night, although some patchy rain may edge into northern parts of East Anglia towards the end of the night. 24hr rainfall totals may reach 30-40mm where showers are most frequent during the daytime bringing a risk of localised flooding.

Forecast - 2 to 5 Days (weather and hazard summary)

A similar day tomorrow with sunny spells and a scattering of showers developing. These showers are likely to turn heavy and thundery across southern parts of the region (London, and southernmost parts of East Anglia), with hourly rainfall totals reaching 10-20mm. 24hr rainfall totals may exceed 30mm where showers are most frequent in the south. Gradually turning dry through the evening and overnight as showers peter away.
A mixture of sunny spells and a few daytime showers early next week. These showers could turn locally heavy with the odd lightning strike, but confidence on precise details is low.

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