Weaving double disc opener experience sought

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  1. I'm looking to create a cheap direct drill to use to add legumes to existing grass swards and, possibly, for sowing multi species grass mixtures as well. I have acquired an old international 511 cultivator drill cheaply and I'm thinking of making up new coulter frames with Weaving double disc openers like in the photo below as they are available within my budget. Every disc direct drill I've looked at is way outside my budget and tines will make a right mess of the grass swards.


    Has anyone used them for legume seeds and down to perhaps 75mm sowing depth? Are they up to it or would I need heavier coulter assemblies?

    I'm happy to engineer additional pressure spring arrangements myself.
  2. No unidrills about?
  3. Under £2k?
  4. Fish

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    North yorkshire
    Those Weaving dd openers are quite lite duty and will not, imo, be up to the task of been driven in 75mm, apart from the smeary mess a double disc can make.
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  5. That's what I feared. It might need the heavy ones which would stretch my budget.

  6. Wigeon

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    I looked vaguely at this. Seem to recall weaving had a heavy and a light versions on their website, but the pictures were the same.
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  7. Warp Land Farmer

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  8. Warp Land Farmer

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    @Dave W has something similar - Dave can you comment is this a DD and will it direct drill grass??
  9. Dave W

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    That's totally different to mine. And as there's no pics of Coulter's I couldn't comment
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  11. It's sold anyway but was worth the call.

    A Bettison DD would do my job well. Their main fault was in heavy straw and wet ground, neither of which I intend to drill in. 4M would be about the most I could pull as well (only 100hp here)
  12. Farmerdunk

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    307BC707-7E9C-4395-8898-763B85153C6B.jpeg This is our set up, using the weaving discs. On our cousins v form with the micro legs. If you want minimal movement this is hard to beat.
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    How do you find the disc coulter?

  14. grainboy

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    I have this available Disc but not Direct Drill,

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