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Wondering what herbicide strategy works best on grassweeds? The surest answers may come from on-farm test plots. CPM talks to two growers about their results and gleans expert guidance. I’ve used all sorts of products over the years, but I don’t really have any idea how much they actually work. By Tom Allen-Stevens Over the next few weeks there’s a strong chance you’ll spend a considerable portion of your entire annual herbicide budget on residual chemistry applied to your cereal crop. There’s also a strong chance you’ll have little solid evidence it’s delivering value for money, let alone any idea of the difference between the products available in your particular situation. It’s this uncertainty that led Warwicks grower David Brightman to conduct his own on-farm test plots. Not only that, he took them to yield and now has some relatively robust data of his own on margin over input cost (MOIC). “I’ve used all sorts of products against my blackgrass over the years, but I don’t really have any idea how much they actually work,” he comments. A slide shown as part of a talk given at the Warwicks Farm Management Group prompted David Brightman to consider his own…
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