Which hedgecutter?

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  1. Hello all, am in the notion of buying a flail hedgecutter for farm hedge maintenance as my hedgecutting bills are getting big. Ideal tractor to go on is a 100hp six cylinder on 710's, next biggest is 280hp and that's too big.
    Will buy secondhand and would like electrics and proportional etc. I know nothing about them so what machines do you recommend /flail type/mounting type etc?
  2. bumkin

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    if buying second hand mcconnel are the best imo avoid twose as you cant get parts for the older models check the hood for welds and cracks if there are any avoid might be a bent rotor having said all that we have just purchased a new shelbourn as its five grand less to swap than a mcconnel
  3. Andrew

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    Huntingdon, UK
    We have a Ferri and I wouldn’t have another. I would also rule out anything made by the Alamo group as backup and spares is awful.
    Think that only leaves Shelbourne and Mzuri really, and I bet there aren’t any Mzuris second hand yet.
  4. tinman

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    A McConnell bracket mounted one imo, mate had spearhead here but wouldn't go back, has bracket mounted mcconnell now and wouldn't go back to linkage, easier on and off and when its on its on, there's no slappin about like the linkage type.
    and a McConnel because the day you buy is the day you sell...
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    I've nowt as fancy as those things!!
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    Avoid spearhead the parts back up is shocking, bomford have terrible paint, mcconnels are now being build on a budget and arnt what they once were. 6-7 metre telescopic machine for the most versatility with a 4 foot head. If you can find one a Shelbourne Reynolds
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    I’ve seen a Kuhn one at a show, anyone tried one? To be fair there stuff is usually pretty good.

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