1. D

    3m trailered mower conditioner

    Looking for a new 3m trailered mower conditioner. It would be replacing a 20 year old krone, cutting around 200 acres a year. Currently considering either a Claas, krone or Kuhn but would be interested on people’s thoughts on other makes too?
  2. P

    Replacement plough metal

    Where do you get your replacement wearing plough metal from? I've come across Wearing Metal online who distribute plough parts for KV, Lemken, GB and Kuhn through local dealers? Has anyone bought through this company? Thanks.
  3. Farm Classifieds

    Kuhn MDS20.2

    Kuhn MDS20.2 Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: Muck and Slurry Spreaders Price: £6995 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Kuhn H 40.2 EMC W

    Kuhn H 40.2 EMC W Advert added by: Alex Campbell @DiscordonDemon Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £9995 Condition: Excellent Description Kuhn H 40.2 EMC W 2016 but not used till 2018, Hydraulic drive, iso bus no...
  5. stablegirl

    Which 5 furrow plough?

    Large mixed dairy farm, using the plough to prep seedbed for wheat, maize and grass. Have had 2 kverneland, a 4 then a 5, with a 200 headstock, kind of looking for another kv, but both have had a bit of bother with the valve block, and don't like the fact the variwidth had no grease points...
  6. Jerry

    Tedder value

    Having had two wildly different valuations I’m now confused as to what this is worth, any suggestions? I’ve owned it about 10 years, but not sure of actual age.
  7. K

    Power harrow 2m

    Hello, would anyone have a view which is a better power harrow: Kuhn HRB 202 compared to the Maschio Delfino DL 2000. Only the 2m suits the tractor I have, ground is a bit stoney. This will be for own use. Thank you, Kevin
  8. Cows 'n grass

    Large feeder bedder

    I'm looking at the large feeder blowers on the market at the momentum. Does anyone have any experience with? Lucas Castor 134 Kuhn Primor 15070 Teagle 1010 We run a castor 60 at the moment and I rate it highly but we're looking at putting a lot more clamp silage through it next year as well...
  9. Colliedog

    The Kuhn Aero is making a comeback

    I have just seen Rauch is about to relaunch the mounted boom spreader in widths of 18-30m. As well as a larger tank the new version has been updated with isobus and six variable rate sections. The booms look like they fold up a lot more easily as well. With the way fertiliser price’s are going...
  10. BFL4437

    Best Round Baler out there for reasonable cost

    Possibly looking at buying a round baler rather than getting contractors in. Would do around 2000-3000 a year mainly silage. Not looking at buying new due to cost but a decent condition second hand one. What seems to be the best balers out there?
  11. Deere 6430

    Kuhn plough vari or multi master

    Looking at Kuhn ploughs secondhand, would the collective go for a vari master or a multi master if all other variables were the same. Have only have a fixed width before so unsure how much of an advantage having a vari master would be if any? are they best thing ever as you can adjust the...
  12. Deere 6430

    Kuhn spreader with telimat 1

    Wanted a kuhn fertiliser spreader, the small version like an 17.1 or 19.1 or an older model number are 7XX or 9XX but must have the telimat border control unit, T1 would consider a spreader in any condition as long as it has the T1 border control unit.
  13. S

    BBC2 9pm tonight

    Greg Wallace and Cherry Healy are on a tour around the JCB factory in Stafford
  14. Matthew Britton

    John Deere 635 moco

    I am beginning to contemplate a replacement moco to my McHale, it is only 2018 and has done nothing but it makes me wince every time I lift it up and the tractor leans to the right. I have seen a few of these 630 635 and 530 moco’s about here for sale of the mid 20teen vintage. We only do...
  15. Farm Classifieds

    Kuhn GA 7501 twin rotor rake

    Kuhn GA 7501 twin rotor rake Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Tedders Tedder rakes Price: £8750 Condition: Description Kuhn GA 7501 twin rotor rake, year 2015, 4 wheels under each rotor, rear lights...
  16. V

    Which of the two front mower

    Okay so narrowed my search down for a front mower conditioner to a new Kuhn or new mchale . Bearing in mind haven’t had or used a front before but needs to float well for my ground. Krone and Claas dealers can’t be arsed chasing up any kind of sale while Kuhn and mchale are keen. Kuhn is £1800...
  17. Farm Classifieds

    T509755A - 2018 Kuhn EL92-230 Power Tiller

    T509755A - 2018 Kuhn EL92-230 Power Tiller Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £4150 Condition: Used Description 2018 Kuhn EL92-230 Power Tiller Front Depth Wheel and C Blades How to make contact...
  18. S

    Anyone known of an issues with JR Firby?

    Hi all, Has anyone known of any issues with sales from JR Firby at Slingsby? Bought a David Brown from him which when i tried it, seemed to be in good working order with everything working and he told me that everything worked as it should even the PTO (which i specifically asked about). Got...
  19. W

    Best single rotor rake

    As title, which is the best single rotor rake on the market.
  20. Tweed

    Fert spreader choice

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy my own fert spreader after using a contractor for a number of years. I want section control, variable rate and all that kind of stuff so I believe it has to be hydraulic drive. Is there a front runner make and model or anyone to avoid?